What to Expect When You Are In a Relationship with a Narcissist

You can never understand a person’s true nature until you have spent significant time with them. You may be in a serious bond with them when you realize that you are in a relationship with a narcissist. As soon as one realizes this they should get out of this bond for their own good. One should jump into love with someone who is selfish and self absorbed. And if you are, then get out of it immediately. How do you know if your partner is a narcissist?

relationship with a narcissist

Let’s see below.

1. They will not admit that they are wrong.

2. It will always be you who is making up after a fight.

3. They will behave nicely as long as you benefit their ego.

4. Your partner will not value your views.

5. They will not work towards understanding your emotions.

your emotions

6. They will always make you question your personality.

7. The high moments of your life are not important for them.

8. Only you will be making all kinds of sacrifices for them.

9. They will treat you like you are not valuable for them. They will not cherish your role in their life.

10. You will stop anticipating anything from them. You will admit that they have no obligation towards you.

11. In any fight, they will always be the one to be the victor.

12. You will always be the bad person in their eyes who is always at fault.

13. They will push you to become uncertain about yourself.

14. You will have to manage their imperfections and live with their lack of self-confidence.

15. You are afraid to do anything on your own as they might not approve.

16. Your sense of worth will be ruined.

be ruined

17. They will not talk to you whenever they don’t want to and it won’t bother you anymore.

18. There won’t be any new cherish able memories instead there will only be harsh moments to remember.

19. You will long for the good days but what will be left would only be hurt and wrong doing.

20. You will become fragile and they will take advantage of this aspect of your personality.

21. They will always treat you like dirt and pretend as if nothing happened and this will stop bothering you.

22. If you are in a committed relationship with them, they will expect you to do household chores as if it is your duty.

23. They will do whatever they want without thinking of the consequences.

24. If you ask them for an explanation they will not find it necessary to give any.

25. They are not concerned with how you spent your day or how you have been lately. They are very self absorbed.

26. You will have to deal with crisis and worries on a daily basis.

27. Due to their wrongful actions you will start thinking negatively.

thinking negatively

28. They have worn a good mask for the world. If you take any action against them, people will hold you responsible.

29. Others will not understand what you are going through.

30. This will not be a happy ending in any case.

31. You will not have an ounce of peace.

32. You will not be able to do anything against their will.

33. They will not value you.

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