Are You in A Relationship With Someone Who Does These 5 Things? They’re a Narcissist

They like the power to take control of someone’s life and play with it as they wish; without even leaving a hint behind for that person that they’re being manipulated by their own beloved, they’re a narcissist. Years and years of being together and still people can’t identify if they are living with someone who is self-involved, cocky, and manipulative.

A narcissist can be categorized by a range of degrees; someone who has healthy ego to a person who lives in pathological generosity. Sometimes it becomes hard to identify a narcissist around you, especially when it’s a relative, partner or lover. Why? Well, you get used to a certain behavior and it doesn’t bother you much till someone else notices and makes you aware the unfair attitude that you are going through every single day of your life.

Before it’s too late, you should know how a narcissist pulls your life strings and plays with them, observe the following things to know if you are living with the one.

extremely friendly

1. Narcissists are extremely friendly and charismatic when they need something from you.

One of their best tricks to make you feel wanted, special, and needed, is to show the charismatic behavior to gain from you what they want.

Once they have what they intend to get from you, they might leave you without even giving it a second thought.

Narcissist may be extremely friendly as long as you are fulfilling the things they want or need.

2. Narcissists are good at being manipulative to cover up their flaws.

They know all the tactics to cover up their flaws and manipulating the other person by using guilt. Narcissists don’t hesitate to use their colleagues, friends, or partner to meet self-serving needs. They want everything to be perfect for themselves and to achieve that they will expect you to make unreasonable sacrifices.

3. Narcissists are dominating and want to be the center of attention.

Narcissist never want the spotlight to go away and fall on someone else therefore, they are dominating and always exaggerate their accomplishments to keep the center of attention on them.

4. Narcissists make you feel insecure all the time.

In order to feel powerful, they keep you off-balance and insecure all the time. They carry unrealistically high expectations from their partners and when someone doesn’t live upto their standards then they respond with cold detachment.

being manipulative

They feed their gigantic ego by making you feel insecure and inferior. If you show signs of disagreement then they take no time to spread negative energy and hatred for you.

5. Narcissists break promises without any remorse.

Narcissists realize no obligations, sensitivity, and consideration to other people. They can easily break promises without any sign of remorse.

Someone in your life who shows the mentioned signs is a downright narcissist and you should distance yourself from them as soon as possible; life with them in a long run will be spent unfulfilling and unhappy.

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