Marrying A Plus-Sized Woman Is More Satisfying, According To Science

The standard of beauty is perceived as a stereotype in our society. People are biased over a woman who is fair over a dark skinned girl. Similarly men have been repeatedly influenced by the media and are attracted to ladies who have a slim toned body rather than those who are a little chubby. Plus-sized women are not reached out to date as much as skinny girls. They are not seen as marriage material. However it is scientifically proven that men who have chubby women as their partners are more happy.

• Heavy women have an appealing nature:

Most women who are chubby have an easy going personality and are friendly with everyone. They don’t have their fake faces on when meeting your loved ones and so everyone likes hanging out with them. Their most attractive feature is the lovely persona which carries everyone away.

• Men want company when dining:

Men like to eat and they want someone to eat with them as well. A diet conscious woman will always try to eat less and healthy where as a plus sized woman will not be worried about her weight and eat whatever you would like. So men enjoy dining out with women who do not pick and choose what they eat.

• They are kind hearted:

These women have a heart of gold. They are considerate and they care for you more than anyone. Their warmth reflects in their big cuddly hugs which can instantly make you feel better. These type of girls are also very soft towards their men. They do not boss around their partners.

• Men have a sense of security when it comes to heavy women:

When dating a chubby girl, men do not have the constant insecurity that their partner will cheat on them as most men consider chubby women as not dating material. Therefore there is nothing to be afraid of for such a man. Men can easily leave their partner alone without the fear that someone else might flirt with them.

• She will not annoy you:

Unlike slim ladies, a fat woman will not be bothering you with constant questions relating to her body and how she looks. She is confident in her skin and does not need reassurance. She is not high maintenance.

• She is not selfish:

Such a woman will not require expensive dates or presents. All she needs is your love and attention. She is with you only for your time and to cherish tiny moments with you. Unlike a thinner woman who would want you to spend on her and make it a competition with her other thin friends.

According to research, men who are in a relationship with a heavy woman are more content with their lives. They are happy and stress free.

There is no such thing as a standard of beauty. Everyone is beautiful as long as they are comfortable in their own skin. Therefore it must be understood that we have no intention of undermining ladies who are weight conscious.

Image Via: Shutterstock

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