His Emotions Are Not Real And These Signs Can Tell That He’s Only Using You

With no boundaries of age, with no fear to be judged by someone, with no rules or traditions to follow, people dare to fall in love.

The taste of its essence and surge of emotions puts a curtain on everything around, nothing seems important but your love. This pure feeling of exhilaration and comfort fills in positivity in your life thus, you like the optimistic change that you have never felt before. Though, many coveted for this kind of love but only a bunch of fortunate people would get a chance at finding real love.

You believe yourself lucky to fall in love with someone who ticks the criteria but somehow things don’t work out and you have to witness negativity and toxicity in your lives. This usually happens when his emotions are not real and you have been blinded by the signs that he’s only using you. The purity and sincerity in your heart wouldn’t be enough hence, failure of relationship.

Numerous things start to make sense when your empire of love goes off balance and you couldn’t hold all together.

It dawned on you that he is not the same person who he pretends to be. While you shower him with your sincere love but he’s only using you and now you want to protect yourself.

Though, you express your deep love for him but you aren’t appreciated for your emotions. Instead, you feel humiliated that you get to love someone who put a mask to make you like him for his ulterior motives.

The meaning of romantic entanglement is much deeper and profound but you get to feel pain and disappointment by someone who you love the most. Now you have realized that you are being taken for granted and it is not love.

You need to stop foolishness because you deserve someone who is real and will give you true love. You need to end your relationship now as you are aware that he’s only using you. These reasons are enough to understand his intentions:

You don’t know many people in his life, let alone his family members which is a big sign that he won’t be sticking around for too long.

You never get to experience that he has ever spent on you when you expect him to shell out cash for you.

You can’t ignore your sixth sense that is telling you to stay alert because something is real off about him. Trust your instincts.

You wait for his text for hours but he is least bothered that you might be waiting to return your calls or respond on text.

Everything needs to be adjusted according to his schedule and nothing can be adjusted as per your wish and demand.

He never introduces you to important people in his life and neither does he makes the relationship official.

He will be on his nicest and can even fall to his knees if you threaten to let him go.

He has not shown consistency in his behavior or the promises he claim to meet in the romantic moments. He does whatever it is convenient for him but what matters to you is his least concern.

He exerts more effort on physical intimacy than emotional intimacy.

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