She Would Never Love Again Because You Broke Her

While sitting alone in the train, not bothered by the looks of the passengers coming in and departing at their stations, her mind is still in denial that you broke her. The question keeps lingering on her mind that she chose to love you with all of her mind and soul but she just got a broken heart.

She tried to weave every thread of her life around you and just demanded your loyalty and trust. She was willing to compromise all of her needs to satisfy your expectations but you never felt compelled to show her that she was worth it. You betrayed her when she sacrificed everything in her might just to make you happy.

She would have waited for you if you made her feel safe and secure in her love for you. Her love was everlasting but you just chose to squander that opportunity. You pushed her to the brink where she could only feel that whatever she do will never be enough for you.

She expected from you to hold her hand and tell her that you were by her side and all the problems will no longer bother you but she felt alone. She needed just to be taken care by you but you were indulged in making your own selfish desires and wants fulfilled. She was waiting for your support but you abandoned her when she needed you the most.

Her heart felt shattered and the broken pieces pierced every nerve inside of her body leaving nothing but a broken soul and undying pain.

You were ruthlessly trolling her in front of the world and she accepted remorse for a lifetime. It was easy for you to hurt her feelings as if she was no human and she hugged her failed fate. You completely destroyed her personality because she understood that you are barely affected by her heart-wrenching pain which she was feeling every single minute of the day.

You were heartless when she was dying on the inside and you were least bothered even after seeing her condition as if she didn’t exist around you.

It’s surprising to see a human can be this ruthless to another human who is willing to sacrifice everything for love. When she was drenched in tears at night, she was heartbroken seeing you sleeping well in your bed. You are the only one she ever felt love for but now you broke her and left her like an open-wound that will get worst but will not be healed.

You broke the girl who would do anything for your comfort but you used her and she was being played by your charm. You were not kind enough to show her mercy at all because you were selfish and lived with her for your own interest.

She was to be praised and appreciated for the kind of love and care she did for you but you failed her and never reciprocated the same way she was worth for. She deserved to be shielded from the harms, threats, and insecurities that surround her life but instead you left her all alone.

She considered you to be her whole world but you treated her like a mere option.

The disappointment she felt in your love has thrown her in the dark dungeons of despair. She fantasized romance all her life but you gave her bruises and scars on her heart. She was once vibrant and colorful and look at her now, you broke her.

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