12 Expressions Without Using Words Of Telling You He Loves You

1. He values your time and space but whatever time he gets with you he makes the most of it.

He never questions the boundaries you set for him and gives respect to your freedom and your independence. But when you two get time together his commitment serves only you.

2. He is all ears when you are talking to him.

A relationship is all about meeting needs and expectations of both sides and he makes sure that you are heard as much as he wants you to hear his demands.

3. He knows that you secretly loves his gesture when he holds your hand.

He never says it but the way he holds your hand with warmth and affection is his way of telling you he loves you and he will die before think of leaving you.

4. He is reliable to give you support in good times and bad.

He is a reliable person and you can agree on this because he is always going to be there for you no matter how difficult things might get.

5. He puts your preference over cost when deciding on gifts.

Whenever he is out shopping a gift for you he never considers monetary value if something he feels would be your favorite. Often, guys see the price tag first and put things down when it costs them hefty.

6. He willingly runs errands to make life easy for you.

Typically, a guy is lazy and will not run someone’s errand let alone his own. But when he is in love then he would willingly do anything to make your life easy.

7. He wears his good humor up on his sleeve when you’re together.

He is more than just a pretty face to you and his good humor is the evidence. Life is filled with hardships and hurdles to put you down but he doesn’t want you to end your day without some light moments. He always wears his good humor up on his sleeve so when you are upset or have thrown down by a difficulty he makes everything joyful.

8. He is a perfect gentleman when he’s around you.

He is best at his chivalry. His manners are most important for him and he tries his best that he is a perfect gentleman when he’s around you.

9. He gives his full attention to you whenever you’re talking to one another.

His dedication is clear for your relationship because he is totally focused on you and your needs. Whenever you two spend time together, he makes sure that his attention will never get diverted.

10. He never makes you wait deliberately for too long to respond to your texts or phone calls.

He makes it his top priority to return your phone call or respond to your text as soon as he gets free from whatever is keeping him busy. He respects your time and feelings and would never want you to get anxious or nervous because of his actions.

11. He’s always going to be there for you when you need his shoulder to cry on.

You are going to witness many moments of weakness in your relationship and he knows this all too well. He wants to ensure that whenever there is a vulnerable moment in your life he’ll be there for you to give his shoulder to cry on and feel his support.

12. He makes it easy for you to be part of his world.

A relationship is a merger of two lives and he wants you to feel like you can seamlessly merge with his without a fuss. His friends welcome you the same way as they appreciate him and this could happen because he has made you nucleus of his world.

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