These 5 Things may Ruin your Relationship


New In Relationship? Are You Confused About What To Say A Woman And What To Skip?  For all other things can be forgiven but the cost of annoying a woman has to pay for the rest of the life. So you need to learn the thing that can make your position awkward in front of a woman.

Here are the things which will help you to keep yourself warned from doing the things that can work as fire starters:

Saying the Word, MY EX

The only thing that a woman never accept is to tell her about your ex-girlfriend or mention her name while talking or at any other place. The girls not only feels insecure but also start doubting your intentions, and from their problem creates and relationship begins to spoil.

Man should think before taking about any other girl in front of a woman as she always wants to forget that his man ever dated to someone or have a girl in his past.

Let’s Start Dating As I LOVE YOU

If you are at a beginning of a relation, that never make a mistake by asking her to start dating and all other stuff. For the reason that you never know the mind state of a woman, and your words could be taken wrong by her. On the other hand, you should not throw yourself at first, rather you need to wait and let her have same emotions for you

Man needs to give time to the relationship let the chemistry grow and after that at right time ask her and then it will be perfect!

Are You Having BOYS IN PAST?

At the beginning of a relationship, you can’t ask her about her past or if she is having a boyfriend in her past or the question that can make her uncomfortable. No matter how seriously your confusion is killing your mind, but you are not allowed to ask her this type of questions to her.

Yet, you can ask her these questions but first of all you need to make her assured that you trust her and then when go in deep down in your relationship where such type of questions are not noticed, when being asked.


Don’t be so desperate and easy to get similarly don’t make her feel that you are impatience and can’t wait for her, asking such answers before tight time intrude her and also lower your value and dignity in her eyes.

Instead, you should wait until, she by her own wants to say this to you or you feel it is right time to ask her about her feelings.

Can I have you PASSWORDS?

In a fresh relationship when you both are trust building phase and suddenly you ask her to tell you her passwords can make the things wrong and even build gaps between you two. Moreover, this shows that you are a conservative man by with women usually don’t even want to be.

Asking such type of questions doesn’t matter in a bit when you have created a strong bond and she has uttered all of her personal things to you, then you may ask her for passwords.

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