6 Signs You Are One Of His Options Because Your Man Is Using You

A girl conjures an image of an ideal man since the times when she starts to have feelings for a secure future. While having one, you get to know that your man is using you but you can’t help it then because you don’t realize it until the situation is worsen. Girls become the victim of this toxicity often because love also blinds us to the things that we need to be looking at but we don’t. It puts you to a spot where you have to compromise rationality and better judgment.

After realizing that your man is selfish, would you still want to continue your relationship with him? It’s not easy to guess the motives of your partner whether he is selfish or not therefore, this article will help you in the respect to identify a toxic person who is going to use you and then throw you out on his own terms.

A selfish person will only keep you in his life to gain his interest vested in the relationship and without further gain he would throw you out of his life. But before he takes the decision to end everything with you, you should start thinking about winding up the toxicity in your life yourself and don’t allow him again the way your man is using you.

It’s normal when your feelings are going to get the best of you and you don’t realize the truth about your man until it stares at you right in the face that your love might be keeping you from actually acknowledging it. One thing you should learn about relationships is to make sure that you are on top of things in your life so that no one can use you for their own motives.

To give you a head start if your man is using you and he’s leeching as much as he can out of you, start observing if there are following signs evident in his routine:

1. You never hear him saying anything about commitment.

Precisely, he is with you till he is getting what he needs and eventually, he is going to discard you when he’ll get bored of you. Before he takes decision of your life, you should take the strings of your life in your hand and calculate the possibility whether he’ll stay with you in the long-run or not.

2. Your friends try to give you hints, listen to your well-wishers.

Your friends are your true supporters and will not fool you when they say to stay vigilant of your man’s behavior. They want your best interest and you should pay heed to their advice.

3. You are supporting him financially.

When he should be responsible for supporting the financial matters but instead, you are doing it then your man is using you for good.

4. He never fulfills his promises.

His promises are disappointments since the beginning of your relationship. He doesn’t care whether he meets his commitments or not. Why do you want to continue with him?

5. His past life is mystery.

This should alert you when your partner hesitates to open up about his past or life details there must be secrets he is hiding which may be deteriorating for you to know.

6. He is trying to keep his options open and still flirts with other girls.

You better guess from this sign that he is not in this relationship for a long shot when you see him flirting with other girls. He will discard you from his life when he gets a better option.

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