6 Signs Having No Doubts That Your Partner Is Serious About Your Relationship

Keep an eye out for the signs to remain sure that your partner is serious about your relationship. Don’t fret any longer, the state of your romance will get clear if most of the signs apply to your relationship, let’s see:

1. He gets excited to introduce you to his close friends and family.

It becomes official when your guy takes you to his home or in a party where a bunch of his best buddies meet together. He wants you to mingle with them so you can develop same comfort level as he has with all of them. It is a big sign that he is thinking serious about the future of your relationship when your man is not afraid of taking you to public events and introduce to everyone.

2. He plans out activities as a couple.

He is already seeing you two together as a couple and this may look in the ways and activities he plans out for the two of you.

Whether its couple vacations or couples massage he makes sure that he manages things where you two can do things together as a couple. He seems to welcome the idea of committing to a serious relationship.

3. He is able to accommodate his schedule and time just to be with you.

Your presence and preference is most important to him and that’s why he never makes excuses to skip any event in which he gets the time to spend with you. He makes it a point where you don’t have to wait for long to meet him. Sometimes, he surprises you with his deliberate attempt to make time for you, this can indicate his seriousness for your relationship.

4. You’re the highlight on his social media.

If you see yourself mostly on his social news feed then he is definitely crazy about you. No one dare to involve someone else on their feeds unless they are sure about their relationship. He is committing to you because he is the first person who checks you out on social media whenever you upload something.

5. You share future with him.

In his planning for the future, he puts you to his priority and this could mean that he wants to spend a lifetime with you. Men don’t discuss their visions of the future unless they want to be with a person who is most important in their life. If your man includes you to his future plans then he is making arrangements for the both of you.

6. You are more than a mere friend because he finds you more important than anything else in his life.

You can judge his commitment to you from the way he treats you in his life. Whenever you need his help financially or otherwise, he never excuse himself of his duty towards you. He is not a shallow or materialistic person but someone who knows your value and respect your place in the relationship.

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