12 Struggles Of The Body When Someone Breaks Your Heart

Struggles of an exhausted mind and traumatizing emotional state can stay for prolonged periods of time when someone breaks your heart. Betrayals of trust and verbal and physical abuses scar people and thus, these things can lead to heartbreaks leaving a person sensitive to the trials of destiny. In the midst of mending their broken hearts people experience changes, physical and mental, both.

1. Body aches.

After an extremely painful heartbreaking experience various forms and degrees of physical pain manifest in the body like, headaches, stomachaches, or literal heartaches.

2. Increased Stress levels.

Increased stress levels leave the body vulnerable to pain and more complex bodily dysfunctions. It wears a body down heavily which can be best dealt with rest, leisure, and relaxation.

3. Loss or increase of appetite.

In different people, either people go through extreme cases of weight loss or severe weight gain. Loss of appetite or intake of increased amount of food can happen to someone who is trying to mend broken heart.

4. Mental disorientation.

A lot of people are left with mental disorientation or depression during or after heartbreaking experiences. Unstable mental condition is not something to consider lightly.

5. Lack in focus.

Mental deterioration makes you incapable to focus on the things that you have been doing in normal routine. You make more mistakes at your work or when at home.

6. Slow heart rate.

Traumatic experiences like heartbreaks can cause a heart to slow down and in case the condition doesn’t get better then there is a high chance that your circulatory system may be compromised.

7. Loss of sleep.

Night time when you are left alone with your thoughts and recurring emotions that you felt in a relationship would make it most difficult to have shut eye thus, loss of sleep every day.

8. Heightened emotions.

When someone breaks your heart, you are more susceptible to pain and anguish now than ever before. You are prone to get affected from negative things around and can feel hurt so much more now than typically before.

9. Avoid other people.

Seclusion and avoiding people become your most adopted ways to stay away from remarks or comments on your broken relationship. You even refuse to see your friends due to emotional burden.

10. Susceptible to get sick quickly.

Weakened immune system is the first thing people experience when are going through a heartbreak. People don’t pay much attention to their well-being and healthy routine therefore, emotional and mental torment make them more vulnerable to diseases and infections.

11. Irregular hair loss.

Even in normal circumstance, when you are going through stressed periods of time you can experience a great amount of hair loss. In a situation when you have a broken heart, irregular hair loss is going to be another symptom due to weak immune system and stressful heartbreaking experience.

12. Lack of or no confidence.

Treacherous heartbreaks throw you down in the dumps and leaving you with deteriorating confidence and self-doubt. During the heartbreaking experience you start questioning your worth in the world and thinking of everyone your enemy.

In time when you find no other way to pick yourself up and bring together the broken pieces of your heart, stay close with your loved ones because they will help you to overcome heartbreaking struggles and getting back to life.

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