When You Are Emotionally Broken Only Then You Can Realize You Deserve Better

Pick yourself up and shed the skeletons of emotional worries that you have been carrying all this time, you deserve better. Tears were your true friend for long but now you must look forward to positivity. Add people who could bring smile and comfort in your life.

Unforgettable thoughts and distraught emotions will throw you back to reminisce the past and rectify mistakes but you would only do more harm to yourself reliving what cannot be changed now. The era of despair has passed, step on the rainbow of optimism and hug all of its colors to fill your life with happiness.

Broken pieces of shattered soul make you think that life has nothing to offer you anymore but that is your window to pull yourself up and realize that you deserve better. You have had enough of manipulation and undervalued feelings while living with them but now your time is to shine and get past them because you will do whatever your soul is satisfied with. You will live for yourself and for your own better.

Countless sleepless nights that you have spent awake beside the person you loved the most in your life have made you determined that this was not your plan to an ideal relationship. The realization is your first step towards doing something deserving for yourself.


You deserve affection, care, unconditional love, irrevocable respect, and most importantly a soulmate who will make you feel worthy in their life and rightly so, you will get your ideal person once you are determined.

Life is about endless possibilities and opportunities up for grabs but people don’t realize this fact sooner. Alas! Those who waste all the chances will never reach to their rightful destination and wander out of course. The fortunate ones who are aware of their value make their way to a life of eternal bliss.


Scratch into all the bitterness that resides inside of you and fill in yourself with gratitude for another chance that life has to offer you. You deserve this and the lessons that you learnt after emotionally broken are enough to realize that you will no longer stay in the dark hole.

You have had enough of emotional abuse and unresolved problems, you are now free of the shackles and chains that were keeping you away from the light. Remind yourself everyday that you are worthy of all the best things that life has to offer and no one will ever attempt to act dishonest with you.


Make yourself so strong that any person will think of hundred times before breaking your trust or try to manipulate your emotion.

Be with someone who could prioritize your sense of happiness and well-being above insecurities and fears.

Stay away from those who capitalize on your weakness and play with your vulnerabilities, no matter if they are the ones that you loved the most.

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