9 Signs Show Your Guy Loves You Without A Doubt

Insecurities build up trust issues that will remain lingering between girls and boys in their relationship. Girls expect from their guys to express their sentiments to exactly know what the status of their relationship is. Some men show their love in their own non-verbal language but don’t use words often. There are signs that show your guy loves you and he wants you to know of his emotion through his acts:

1. He makes you his first priority.

You can know of his love for you when he takes the time and work on his relationship with you, this is his way of expressing that you are his first priority above and all everything else.

2. He takes care of your convenience at the cost of his own.

You can’t see much of selfish tendencies in him because he is willingly letting himself inconvenient in an act of making you convenient at every possible way.

3. He wants everybody to know that you are in his life.

He talks about you without hesitation in his social circle. You are his real love therefore, he wants to make it sure to everyone in his friends and family that you are now the permanent part of his life.

4. He gives you most of his time.

Whenever he gets the chance to spend the time with you he makes sure that he would never get to waste it.

5. He makes sure that you are comfortable when he is being touchy with you.

He takes great care in knowing that you don’t have a problem in physical closeness and intimacy. His expression of affection and love can be seen in his physical touch and he tries to make you as much comfortable as he can.

6. He believes in equality.

If he hasn’t belittle you even for once since the beginning of your relationship then rest assured, you guys loves you without a doubt.

7. He gives importance to the things that you are most passionate about.

He will make you an important aspect of his life and he will do so by giving importance to your passions, interests, experiences, and stories. As a human being, as much as he is passionate about his hobbies and adventures he gives respect to yours as well.

8. He has never been overstepping his boundaries.

He makes sure that none of his acts or words would violate your individual space therefore, he tries to give you space in the relationship when you need it.

9. He gives respect to other girls too.

He is one-woman guy and he makes sure that he will give equal respect to other girls as he feels for you. You have never seen him flirting with other girls is a sign that he committed to you.

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