Observe These Signs and Figure out if you’re The One for Him!

Are you wondering if your relationship is going somewhere serious? Do you want to know for sure if you’re the one for him? Do you think you have a future but he might not be on the same page as you? Let’s look at some ways you can find out!

He is not alone in his future planning:

While having conversations about the upcoming days, he always includes you with him. This shows that he sees you there in his life tomorrow as well. You can identify his intentions.

He introduces you to his family:

If a guy is serious about his girlfriend, he will introduce you to his relatives. He would want you to mingle with them. It is a good sign that he thinks of you as the perfect one.

He doesn’t want to be away from you:

Men need their alone time as much as women do. If your guy wants to spend every moment with you this means he cherishes you. This is what brings him great happiness. This means he would want to spend time with you in the future as well.

He is already planning a family with you:

If you two have had discussions about having kids then he sees you not only as his wife but also someone with whom he will have a family. He wants your opinion on it. This means he is serious about the relationship.

He opens up to you:

If he comfortably vents out to you or shares his worries with you then he sees you as a support system. He feels the need to tell you what is going on his life. He would like you to be there in the future as well, listening to his problems and serious issues and giving him advices.

He does not eye other women:

Men who are not interested in you will mostly be seen going after women they feel are more beautiful. If your man does not feel the need to do this, then he is truly in love with you. He feels that you are enough for him.

He lets you achieve your dreams:

Your aims and goals are important for him. He wants you to succeed and does not hold back. This kind of a man is in it for the long haul. If he wants to build a life with you, he would want you to be successful.

He discusses marriage:

If he makes frequent conversations about people getting married, or his ideas on marriage and weddings, this is a sign that he would want you to be his wife in the future. Marriage is now on his mind.

He tells you his emotions:

Your boyfriend is definitely in love with you if he explains his sentiments to you. If he lets you know what you mean to him shows that he has definitely seen you in his future.

He makes the extra effort for you:

If he is being very sweet with you, trying to make everything right for you so that you are contented, then this may be the sign that he wants you to be his wife. He won’t do these things normally but for you he is doing the attempt.

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