Heartwarming Ways to Cheer Up Your Upset Boyfriend

When you have an upset boyfriend, make sure that you make him feel loved and pampered. This is the only way you can cheer him up. Otherwise, he will feel as if everything is falling apart. You should give him this guarantee that even if all goes wrong, your open arms are there to comfort him. There are several ways you can show him your affection.

1. Try to have an open ear for him:

He needs someone to vent out to. No advices or suggestions and definitely no judgments required. Try to hear him out. Stay silent and listen closely as he goes on about what is worrying him.

2. Try to understand him:

Show him that you understand what he is going through. Communicate this to him that you feel his pain and stress. He will feel better by knowing he has someone who can comprehend his struggle.

3. Acknowledge if he does not want to talk:

Some people like to stay silent through their pain. You need to understand that if your boyfriend doesn’t want to share his feelings then it is fine. You should not force him to open up to you.

4. Give him some room:

If he is depressed, give him some alone time. Don’t cling onto him. Let him be and then later if he wants to be with you, you can be there for him.

5. Persuade him to seek therapy:

If you feel he might be able to get better through medical help, talk about it. Try to convince him that it’s okay to see a counselor.

6. Cuddle him:

A physical connection tends to boost ones mood. Hugging him would cheer him up. He would feel loved and cared for.

7. Kiss him:

Same as a hug, a kiss will show him that his happiness means so much to you and that you are there for him.

8. Increase his self esteem:

Whatever has put him in a bad mood must have lowered his ego. He might be thinking of himself as a loser. Try to up his self-confidence and tell him that you have complete trust in him that he can never go wrong.

9. Provide assistance:

If you can, try to make his work easier for him by taking on some responsibility. lend a hand in any way you can.

10. Make him listen to his kind of music:

Music has a tendency to put you in a better mood. Put on some songs that he likes and he may be able to smile.

11. Go to the gym together:

Distractions like exercises can put his focus on something other than his worries and that can help get his mood better. Working out also produces happy hormones.

12. Give him his favorite food:

Whenever anyone goes through a hard time, food plays a very important role. Especially comfort food brings warmth to your mind and body and puts you in a better mood.

13. Make him laugh with your childish behavior:

Joke around with him. Lighten his mood with your stupid jokes. Play around so he laughs a little.

14. Binge watch his preferred shows:

Just like music, he would also like watching his loved movies or shows with you. It will take his mind off all tensions.

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