Is The Man Of Your Dreams Actually Worth Waiting For?

Is this a relationship you wished for? Of all the years in your life, waiting for someone who would accept you as you are and would give you respect that you deserve, now that you think you’ve found that person in life but still you have to put your life on hold and make all the efforts. Is this the relationship worth waiting for you? For a very long time you made yourself believe that this person will change into the person who is above excuses and poor character but you couldn’t have him the way that you have always dreamt for him to be. You put your life on hold for someone who wants to have all the power over you to control your life and your decisions, how could you let him dictate you?

Before you see him you have to see your self-esteem and self-worth, his unwillingness to let you have the happiness shouldn’t be the reason for you to put your life on hold; he isn’t worth waiting for.

Your life should be free from disappointments and heartbreaks because you have many in the past and now that you have chosen this person in your life, he should not be allowed to mistreat you or ruin your respect. If you will remain tolerant to his treating then you will lack love, respect, and basic decency which you would never be able to live in a life that you have envisioned and dreamed of.

Your life is not worth waiting for this man who wants you to chase after and beg for sense of happiness. He wants you to keep suffering at the hands of him so you run out of all of your options and wouldn’t be able to stand strong on your ground. He isn’t worthy of your time, care, and respect, you should look for other people around who are waiting to live happy moments with you.

You should not be looking at the immediate happiness in your life for the man who is not going to accept the fact that you have an equal place in the relationship. For a big decision regarding your relationship, you need to have the sour taste of destiny and let him go or else there will be only unsure bliss in the future with a man who is probably never going to change. You are depriving yourself of the happiness that you deserve by having the longer attachment and giving him more chances in the hopes that he’s eventually going to change for you. Don’t let your future be in the dark just because he is temporarily showing signs of affection because as soon as he gets what he is intended for, he’ll change into a person what he is in actual.

You will see if he is actual worth waiting for or not right after you decide to put your foot down and leave him. Don’t allow anyone to have control over your time and life. Your time and life is valuable and no one should be telling you how to spend it. Life is for once and time spent with someone who has the same desires and expectations as you have is the one to spend life with because only then you will be able to live your life fully and without fears.

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