Gigi Hadid Seems to Be Okay with Ex Zayn Malik Dating Selena Gomez If He Is ‘Happy and Stable’

Gigi has no problem with Zayn dating Selena.

According to the reports by Us Weekly, one of the insiders revealed that Gigi Hadid is so supportive towards her ex-husband’s new relationship with anyone, and if he is happy so she doesn’t have any problem.

“Gigi has no problem whatsoever with Zayn dating. As long as he is happy and stable and continues to be a good co-parent to [their daughter] Khai, she’s fine with whoever he goes out with.”

The source also revealed that the 27-year-old supermodel has moved on and now living a happy life without her ex, Zayn.

Recently, Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez started running romance rumors after spotting together for dinner in NYC.

According to the Daily Mail, a TikToker named Klarissa Gracia, shared a viral video on the social media platform and claimed that one of her friends who is a hostess at a restaurant saw Zayn and Gomez together in a restaurant. Later she shared a screenshot of her friend’s WhatsApp chat while claiming that, her friend noticed the pop stars getting closer and kissing each other at the dinner.

The TikTok user posted a screenshot of her friend’s message on WhatsApp and revealed that the Dusk Till Dawn singer walked into the eatery where she works, along with Selena, and she didn’t only see them holding hands but also making out.

“Tell me how Selena Gomez and Zayn just walked into [restaurant] hand in hand making out, and I seated them,” the friend wrote.

Their dating rumors comes next after a few weeks when people noticed that the 30-year-old Selena has followed back Zayn on Instagram, meanwhile Malik has been following her already, and the Night Changes singer just follows 18 people on the social media platform and Gomez is one of them.

Zayn Malik and Gigi share a two-year-old daughter named Khai, who was born in September 2020.

“Our baby girl is here, healthy & beautiful,” Zayn shared the happy news with their fans on Twitter.

“Our girl joined us earth-side this weekend, and she’s already changed our world. So, in love,” Gigi’s caption read on the post.

The former couple parted their ways in October 2021, and the reason was the conflict between Zayn and Gigi’s mother Yolanda.

conflicting relationship

A Hadid’s friend shared with the PEOPLE, “They are not together right now. They are both good parents, though. They co-parent. Yolanda is, of course, very protective of Gigi. She wants the best for her daughter and grandchild,” 

“Gigi’s is just focusing on what is best for her baby girl, Khai, and she wants people to respect her privacy throughout this time.

The former lovebirds mutually decided to co-parent their daughter after their breakup and also celebrated her birthdays together while giving credit to each other where needed, and even they used to follow each other on Instagram until Gigi’s dating rumors with actor Leonardo DiCaprio started sparking, and now Malik is not following Gigi, however, she didn’t unfollow him yet.

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