A Woman Who Ditched Heavy Makeup, Lip Fillers, And Fake Lashes Received Praised

Venus Turner who is a fan of natural beauty embraced her natural look by ditching heavy makeup, lip fillers, and fake eyelashes, and many people appreciated her by saying that she made the best decision of her life by doing this.

Venus is a nail technician and lives in Sydney, Australia, she is a content creator and an internet influencer.

Fake Lashes

A couple of weeks before, Venus went to her TikTok account to show off her pretty girl transformation and revealed that she is embracing her natural beauty after ditching all the fake fillers and heavy makeup looks.

The video clip of Turner’s after-before-transformation selfies crossed almost 19 million views and received 4 million likes and 19,000 comments on the social media platform.

“Me after realizing thick lashes and heavy makeup wasn’t for me,” her caption read on the post.


2 different people 😂

♬ original sound – Venus Turner

In her after photo, Venus could be seen sitting in her car where she captured a makeup-less selfie enjoying a bright sunny day.

“2 different people,” she wrote.

2 different people

After showing her natural beauty, Venus received so much praise and positive responses from people.

“Being naturally beautiful is such a flex,” someone said.

“Best decision ever made,” another wrote.

“My face dropped. You’re so pretty omg,” a third one added.

“The no makeup makes your eyes pop more,” a fourth wrote.

“Imagine waking up and looking that perfect!” someone said.


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