7 Essential Rules to A Long Lasting Marriage

7 Essential Rules to A Long Lasting Marriage

How can a couple make its marriage, a long lasting one? What could help them stay together in the loving bond for a lifetime? The answer to these questions are known by all the couples, but they actually sometimes ignore the rules and points, which could play vital role in making a marriage, the most successful and long lasting one. There is actually no set pattern that every couple could follow to make a successful marriage. In actual there are some rules and systems, which if couples follow, they could reap fruitful results. Apparently, the rules might seem to be unworthy and least important, but in actual, they could add life to a married relationship.

Rule # 1

The first rule is to make promise and commitment by heart that husband and wife are going to purely love each other no matter what the time brings to them in future. For this you should value each other more than anyone else and anything else around you. You and your husband should not stay together like the roommates live. There should always be a spark and shine of strong love and affection in between two of you.

Rule # 2

Never weigh each other rights and wrongs. Husband and wife should be the strength of each other without pointing out fingers at each other. They should accept each other with their positive and negative points. Both should be at giving end. In this way, the fruit is going to be enjoyed by the couple as a whole.

Rule # 3

In case conflicts arise between husband and wife, then consider it a big OK. There is nothing wrong to have fights. It is said that those who have occasional conflicts, their love gets stronger when they realize their mistakes.

Rule # 4

Husbands and wives should do what their spouses love. In this way, they could express their love to each other. In case the husband of the wife feels that they are supposed to do for each other that particular thing, which is not their cup of tea, even then it’s fine and worth doing so.

Rule # 5

None of the spouse should always speak out for his/her likes and needs. Both of them should do effort to fulfill each other wishes. It will ultimately make their relationship strongest.

Rule # 6

The couples should not consider marriage, just about doing romance with each other. None of the spouse should expect always a romance moment and gesture from the other side. Strong marriage is about more than just romance. It is about fun, friends, food, and chitchat, dining out, being socially good and being practical about the life. Love and romance are the strong pillars.

Rule # 7

Life inside the bedroom and time spent in the bed should always be the priority. When the husband and wife are together in the bed, then it should just be the time for love and romance.

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