9 Depressing Signs He’s killing Your Self-Esteem

Relationships ideally meant to empower individuals and make them better and not to prey on insecurities and vulnerabilities. Toxic relationships destroy the self-esteem of people living in it and they are left devoid of confidence and courage to pursue a happy and healthy life.

It is highly likely that he’s killing your self-esteem and your partner is the culprit. More chances indicate in a toxic relationship that he could be acting and behaving in such a way that crushes your self-belief. But, it may also be the reason that you have a weak personality and that your self-esteem is already diminishing because you have done nothing to correct it.

You need to know exactly if your partner is in fact the one who is killing your self-esteem? You can’t hand over the string of your life in someone else’s hand and allow him to use you as a doormat. You need to find the courage for yourself and believe in the fact that you are worthy of all the good in the world.

1. He doesn’t make you feel special.

You should be the most important person in his life but you don’t feel this way.

2. He wants to steer the ship singlehandedly.

He wants to take the full control in the relationship and makes you think as you don’t have what it takes to be a leader.

3. He thinks of your opinions invalid.

This is most depressing when your thoughts and opinions are not welcomed and he makes you feel like you should just keep quiet.

4. He creates anxiety in the environment to stir up drama.

He is always stirring up the drama pot as if he wants to keep you on your toes.

5. He makes you feel belittle.

If he makes you feel someone who is beneath him and not equal then he is definitely trying killing your self-esteem.

6. He makes you walk on eggshells and a slightest mistake of yours will have him leave you.

His love is based on conditions and that is absolutely not love for you. Why do all the conditions for you? He doesn’t think of you as equal and keeps you walk on eggshells to make you believe that your tiniest mistake will lead to him abandoning you.

7. His criticism is hurtful.

Criticism should always be done in a tasteful and graceful manner in a relationship but he criticizes you in such a way that is just counterproductive and hurtful.

8. Whenever something goes wrong, you yourself assume that it’s your fault.

You are make to believe now and it has become a part of your personality that whenever something goes wrong in your relationship you assume yourself at fault. He’s killing your self-esteem and this is a depressing sign that he has made you function in a way that you think lowly of yourself.

9. You have been pushed to a brink that you should feel fine being unhappy in this relationship.

You have been pushed to a mental state where you feel nothing if he asks of you to settle for an unhappy relationship. But you need to demand for what you deserve and worthy of because only then you will feel happy and fulfilled.

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