6 Clues to Look For To Identify Cheaters in Relationships

Trust and reliability are the key aspects that bring partners closer to each other in a relationship. You have known this person in your life for days or months and you’ve fallen for them in short time. But you don’t know much about this new person and you want to know more because only then you will be able to put your guard down. A sense of self-protection starts to develop when your partner can ensure that you can open yourself without getting afraid of being used on your weaknesses. When you fall for someone you don’t get to learn easily if a person will cheat on you or will stay trustworthy but what you can do is to look out for clues that will help to identify cheaters in relationships.

These clues are relevant to the behavior that a cheater is habitual of doing and you could potentially save yourself from an unwanted damage in the long run. You should not spend your time being a naïve in a relationship because you would surely not want to feel like a heartbroken later on.

1. They do sexual advances towards you but it can be because of their active sexual lifestyle outside of your relationship.

This could be one of the clues to help you out if you are living with a cheater.

2. They are constantly suspicious of your acts and behavior because they know that they can’t be trusted by anyone.

Frequent suspicions on your behavior and acts could be your clue to identify cheaters in relationships around you. They always have difficulty trusting other people because they know that they themselves can’t be trusted.

3. They would react aggressively if you touch their phone, even accidentally.

When people trust each other they share everything that is happening in their life. However, your partner is always using the phone in a meticulous manner which gives an impression that something is important going on in their life that they want to hide from you.

4. They are busy more on their phones than with you.

You are unable to understand the amount of work that they have to do on their phone even after coming back home from work. You can understand that there could be a reason for extra work but constantly giving the same excuse for being busy on the phone can point out that phone is being used for third-party affairs.

5. They will not admit to chain of lies that they have a habit of making in front of you.

One time lie is understandable but lying about the number of things means that they have made the betrayal of trust. If there are no trust issues in a relationship then there is no need for either of the partners to lie to each other. You need to beware about the lying habit because cheaters in relationships are serial liars and they know how to cover up for themselves.

6. They are known for unfaithful previous relationships in your social circle.

You should trust your friends when most of them point out your partner’s previous relationships. If they have a history of being involved into unfaithful relationships then definitely you can’t expect them to stay faithful to you.

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