4 Text Messages Will Make Him Miss You More

People come with different expectations in a relationship but what matters the most is trusting your instincts and trying to figure out what you really want out of a relationship.

You would like to spend time with your partner as much as you can get but you should also realize that giving each other individual space will generate a sense of longing hence, a chance to miss each other.

Your absence will make him miss you more and he’ll be more appreciative of who you are whenever you two are together.

Is it fine to miss one another in a relationship? This will not be counterintuitive but makes you grow fonder of one another. You want him to think of you all the time because you are his number one priority.

But when you spend most of the time together you forget to give each other the importance that you deserve. It’s when you give each other space and make one another miss your physical absence only then you get to realize that how important you are to build a strong connection in a relationship.

Don’t hesitate when you try to make him miss you more. Now-a-days, smart phones have become staples in almost everyone’s life and texting has a big role to keep an active communication. Choosing the right words for text messages especially when you are texting your man and to make him miss you more is important. You should take care of the following details when crafting a careful text message:

1. Encouragement and support are all he needs when he is away.

Instead of bombarding him with too many suspicious questions for his outdoor activities, you should send him text messages to support his endeavors. He must not get an impression that you want to check his whereabouts rather, you should ensure that you trust him completely.

2. Praise and adoration will make him attracted to you more.

Send him text messages that would express praise and adoration and he will get to know that you’re so attracted to him. Tell him no one else does things for her the way he does for you.

3. Try using words that will give him the challenge to work towards.

Things that are easy to get have less importance than the ones that you have tried harder for. You should try the same trick with him and give him challenge once in a while to earn your love. Relationship will be more meaningful and valuable when people fight for the love they have in life. A message like, “Surprise me on our next date.” This kind of message will make him think of ways in which he can win your heart. Definitely, he will try to remember all your likes and dislikes and will take everything about you seriously.

4. Send an exciting text message for him to look forward to something.

Suggestive or provocative words will help to entice your man in whatever means possible. You shouldn’t be afraid to send exciting messages that will make him look forward to an evening with you. For example, “Waiting desperately for you to come home, you’ll love the surprise.” Even simple words conveys the expression very well.

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