When Your Man Says He Wants to End the Relationship, don’t force him to be there

Emotional stability needs to be balanced in order to have a comfortable relationship. Most of the time, either one in a couple feels emotionally low and the constant feeling makes that person to run away from their position to sort things out. You cannot expect everything to go in a perfect way because there are always highs and lows in life. When your man says he wants to end the relationship, don’t force him to be there.

He has brought this now because the things have been churning in his mind from a very long time and he spit it out because he has had enough now and he can’t take anything anymore.

Unfortunately, it is hard for you to swallow the bitter truth and go along with it because now, you have to think about yourself and keeping you sane. If you force him to stay, he will comply but not for long.

Eventually, he will break and will leave you because he has resolved everything for himself and he wants you to realize that you should also come out of this perfect relationship scene.

It is not easy for a woman to digest her man saying that he wants to end the relationship because it has never occurred to her that things were gone south and she has been unaware all this time.

She thinks of answering to her family, friends, and society and that is making her depressed, to face the realities that have hit her hard in the face.

This emotional instability makes you weak physically and it will be difficult to survive after the traumatic experience that you have had.

If you ever swirl into such situation then the first thing you should do is don’t force him to stay with you. Because he has found his escape from you and you should also take courage and end this relationship in the most polite way possible.

After leaving the man they love the most, most women go towards depression, locking themselves in a room, or some would believe that life has ended.

In this bleak time you can bring yourself up to light and change your life for good because you are the only one who can take care of you, no one else would do it for you. Follow the advice below and regain what you deserve in life:

1. Make yourself see strength and betterment in the future.

Currently, all you think of destruction in your life and nothing better for you because you’ve lost everything with him leaving you behind. But, what you don’t know today is that there is something better waiting for you in the future which will give you strength and hope to start living your life with same positivity as you were living before. Stay happy, be positive!

2. Meditation will help you to relax your nerves.

Tensions and negative thoughts take you away from your soul and all the positivity around you. Meditation is most effective to relax your nerves and regain physical and mental strength. This way you will start to think clearly and take better decision about your future.

3. Indulge in things and hobbies that you like to do and keep you happy.

You should start thinking of activities and hobbies that you enjoy the most in life. Pursue your passion again if you have stopped thinking about it earlier due to responsibilities in the relationship.

4. Never leave your friends, they are always there for you.

Maybe you will leave them in your busyness but they will never leave your back. Whenever you feel lonely or depressed, you should rest assured that your friends will always be there for you.

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