9 Signs to Realize You Are In a One Sided Love Relationship

A relationship grows and would sustain harmony when there must be a shared effort between two individuals who are seeking equal exchange of love, affection, and intimacy.

This two-way street work smoothly when both-people must be actively participating in sustaining a strong, harmonious, and healthy relationship.

When the coordination from any side is left unchecked then the need to spot imbalances becomes must to keep an eye out for one-sided love.

A relationship would lose its strength when there are too many imbalances in the way things are being conducted. Partners must always ensure that they are willing to bear the weight of the entire relationship together.

An imbalance from one side would eventually lead to a destructive end and no one would ever want that for their relationship.

Imbalances that are spotted early and steps that are taken to counter problems for improvement can help to salvage a relationship from destructive end.

You can improve the state of things for yourself if you realize early on the problems and issues that can become potential points for an imbalance relationship. The following points will help you to ensure that you are in a one-sided love or not.

1. They don’t love you as much as you do because of disinterest in your personal life.

Sense of indifference and disinterest in your personal life can tell easily if the person you love is obsessed with learning about your life or not.

2. They make you feel a left out when discussing future.

You are not included when they make plans about future.

3. They don’t initiate, you have to get the action rolling.

You have to initiate everything, whether is it a conversation topic, text, or asking your partner out on a date.

4. They don’t give value to your thoughts or opinions on things.

Your thoughts or opinions are little significant to your partner.

5. They have all the time for their friends but you.

You believe in living your own individual life in a relationship and you give as much space to your partner as possible but they should also be carving valuable time out for you.

6. They don’t reciprocate the same kind of affection.

All the romantic gestures or words of affection are your attempts to improve things in your relationship. Your partner doesn’t think to reciprocate the same kind of treatment.

7. They never made you feel secure in your relationship.

You have to second-guess your worth and place in your partner’s life. You can’t say it sure that you have a secure place in your relationship.

8. They have no concern with your goals and plans because it is one-side love.

When you love someone deeply then you make sure that you are invested in your partner’s future and care about their personal goals and plans. If you think your partner shows no concern with your goals and dreams then they might not see the future with you.

9. They don’t do efforts to make you happy as much as you do.

As much as you make effort to generate the happiness in the relationship you feel that you’re the one who is becoming unhappy and sad. You don’t feel contented in this relationship rather you are the only one bearing the pressure of it.

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