Living With an Ovethinker Keep 8 Things in Mind

Relationships require a lot of commitment and effort from all parties involved because it’s not a smooth ride all over. It is absolutely essential for both partners to understand that treating each other with respect and patience is important to strengthen a relationship. However, things may get a bit rough when you start living with an overthinker. You may lose patience when in a relationship with them.

Someone who would go over a thought far too much for far too long, overanalyzing a particular situation until they are paralyzed by their own thoughts, makes it difficult for another to keep up who is not that perfect. You need to understand one thing that your relationship is more important than the habits of this person and you should never stop making effort to understand one another on a deeper level.

If you think you have a relationship with an overthinker then consider the following reasons to understand why they cram over ideas or events far too much.

1. It’s not their conscious choice.

Don’t take it their behavior as their fault because they’ve been wired to be that way.

2. They are very anxious a lot of the time.

They want to draw in strength and confidence from you for the relationship hence, anxious a lot of the time.

3. They seek an honest relationship.

An overthinker would expect full transparency and honesty from their partner therefore, they overanalyze every situation.

4. They want to be sure that they are following what is in your mind.

You two may have not so strong communication therefore, they speculate things on their own. In doing so, they analyze things from a million perspectives till they are sure that they have reached to what is in your mind. It is required from you to speak your mind and heart clearly to them as much as possible because your overthinker partner isn’t going to have peace of mind.

5. They are not sick or crazy because of their overthinking problem.

While living with an overthinker, don’t assume their overthinking as a mental illness. You need to understand that they have a hyperactive mind and they tend to take notice of details and perspectives in the ways that most other people don’t.

6. They need you to ease their doubts.

Their minds are full of worry and anxiety and they need to ease out their doubts. An assurance that you are going to follow through your promises and commitments will make them to less worry.

7. They want to be sure on the idea of being together forever.

They are thinking about this relationship with you too seriously and maybe you are not on the same page therefore, you are unable to understand their condition. They take this relationship as a long term commitment, a bond that two people share together forever. They want to spend the rest of their life with you and so are not sure if you would think of the same for your relationship hence, trying to perfect all the situations that would bring you two closer to the point where you see them as your eternal partner.

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