Research Shows That Women Are Relatively More Attracted To Men with Beards than Clean-Shaven

A couple of years ago, men with beards used to be people who were unkempt, disorganized, and unknown to basic grooming of a person. However, a recent development in the fashion scene resurfaced when men have walked the ramp with fashionable and stylish beards, leaving the fashion analysts spell-bound and astonished with this modern grooming tool for men. In addition, beards prove to set someone apart from others fashion-wise and also to up the chances in dating life with varied lengths and defined cuts to accentuate masculine jaw line.

The entire image of modern men has changed and women are more attracted to men with beards than clean-shaven. It’s more than just a fashion statement, take a look at your female friends’ Instagram search and you have to believe that there are more likes on a few good-looking guys who are sporting some serious scruff games. In the latest fashion scenario, men who aren’t taking the entire ensemble seriously are getting left behind.

the chances in dating life

Believe it or not, having a beard can make a guy stand out from the rest of the crowd and he could really stand a chance in successfully finding a romantic partner. Men who have strong beard games can use it as an opportunity to get attention by women in the dating pool. It’s not overstated to say that having a beard or not can have huge implications on a guy’s dating life.

These findings about a guy’s chances finding a romantic partner or getting miserably failed are based on a 2016 study that was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

beard can make a guy

In theory, a group of dedicated scientists surveyed around 8,500 women to know if they would consider developing long-term or short-term relationships with a group of men who were initially clean shaven and later on had developed some scruff. Women were presented pictures of same group of men when as clean-shaven and later on, had gained some substantial scruff. Scientists were astonished when confirmed by the women that the men with beards appear more masculine and macho than when they showed them the photographs of the same men as clean-shaven.

The study concluded that facial features whether extremely masculinized or extremely feminized were not under consideration for long or short term relationships in women however, having beards dampen the polarizing effects of extreme masculinity and femininity, possibly obscuring the facial features that contribute to these overall shape cues.

facial features

Well-kept beards make men fashionable and stylish. A beard adds a little more rugged charm hence the men with beards can have a soften image with usually harsh features and for those who take themselves too seriously.

For men who are looking for a long-term relationship with someone can up their chances by letting those hairs on your face grow and have fun.

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