Chris Brown Hurled his Fan’s Phone as she wouldn’t get off it after he invited her on the stage

One more controversy about Chris Brown!

33-year-old American singer, Chris Brown is currently enjoying his extensive world tour, which he is doing for his new album, Breezy.

Recently, In Berlin, Germany, while doing his show, Chris invited a woman on a stage for performing his usual on-stage bizarre stunts in which he dances seductively around the fan he chooses from the audience.

As the show was going on and Brown called his female fan on stage and told her to sit on the chair in the center.

one woman on stage

When the Under the Influence star tried to do his stage rituals and was dancing around the woman, she instantly took her phone and started recording that moment while posing with her phone along with her hands moving in the air.

The woman could be seen enjoying the scene happily, however the rapper did not like her act of continuously using phone, so he attempted to take her phone from her hands.

pull it out of her hands

After watching Chris’s behavior the furious woman left shocked at that time.

Many fans who were present in the crowd, recorded that shocking moment, and later they started sharing in on TikTok. The video clips went viral on the app and now making rounds on the internet.

into the crowd

After watching the whole video clip, the fans has different opinions which they have been sharing in the comment section. Some people slammed Chris for his doing, while others enjoyed his act and said that he did the right thing because the woman should have enjoyed the moment by giving her full attention to Brown instead of using her phone.

@ellishatok #chrisbrown throws fans #phone ♬ original sound – Ellisha Tok

“He warned her kindly at first to put the phone away,” someone wrote in the comment section.

“You can tell she ain’t a Chris brown fan lol, bc I wouldn’t know how to keep my hands to myself my attention will be all on him,” a fan wrote.

“She was picking a filter the second time she picked her phone up,” third comment read.

“that phone had the time of its life for about 5 seconds lmaoooo,” another wrote.

“His expression when he threw the phone. He looked so happy to do it!” someone also commented.

“She is crazy as hell to be missing the moment. She is not a fan at all. Securityyyy!!!!!” another penned.

However, not everyone supported the rapper for what he did and majority criticized him for his weird act.

“Im a CB fan but it aint normal to throw the phone, he could’ve put it on the ground. I hope her phone aint broken,” someone said.

I hope her phone aint broken

“why do celebrities think they can just do that ppl phones are important and expensive like who are you,” another commented.

“He could have hurt somebody fr. She shoulda been off phone but woahh,” someone wrote.

“we’ll be hearing about a lawsuit,” one more comment read.

Another video is running on TikTok, where the woman was seen retrieving her phone back, she somehow managed to get it back after the concert.

@tracymayy90 Thats where she got her phone back 🙂 #chrisbrownberlin #christbrowntour #phonethrow ♬ Originalton – Tracymayy

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