7 Appealing Types Of Guys Women Love To Be With

If you are wondering whether you are among those types of guys that women would want then you better know that women like to have certain qualities in there men. They will like a guy even without them, but would love to have a future with those who have these characteristics. They will fall for you if you have an appealing nature. Following are some distinctive features that might make a woman fall for you.

1. Show her that you are concerned:

Women not only like grand gestures but it’s the little things that matter to them the most. They notice tiny efforts that you make for them. Hold the door for her, text her and ask if she has reached home safely etc. these simple efforts will take you a long way as your girl will find these cute and will feel special enough that you are concerned about her.

2. Honesty is the best policy:

Being sincere is the key to a long term relationship. If you are true to her about your whereabouts and schedules, she will stick by your side for a long time. Build up a trust and never break it. if you lie and it comes out in the open, she will be not only embarrassed but hurt as well.

3. Be persistent:

Women are complex creatures. They will say something else but mean something else. They would want you to understand their silence as well. So you really have to keep at it and patiently try to understand them. Make sure you win her over by your persistence.

4. Be positive:

Don’t go around doubting her moves and being suspicious of her outings. Let her be free and be positive that she is yours only. Moreover try to solve her issues and be a hopeful person. Show her that you have things under control.

5. Humor is your best friend:

Be the funny man. Girls love men who can joke around and lighten u everyone’s mood. They think it is adorable. Have a good sense of humor and not shady or insulting humor. That is just going to put her off and do you no good. If you make good light hearted jokes, there is a chance for you to win her over.

6. Be impulsive:

Think out of the box when doing things for her. Make sudden plans to go out with her. Surprise her often. Do things out of routine and this will warm up her heart. Try to bring that spark of spontaneity in the relationship. It doesn’t need to be big every time, you can do simple things which are new instead of things which are plain boring.

7. Provide moral support:

Show her that you have her back in all her decisions. Let her grow on her own and don’t hold her back. Try to be supportive of her dreams and enthusiasms of certain things. Be happy for her achievements and encourage her to become what she wants. Show her that you are by her side through every thick and thin and that she needs not to worry if things go wrong.

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