These Effective Ways To Neutralize A Narcissist Will Make Your Life So Easy!

Narcissists are self absorbed egoistic people who don’t think of themselves as having any of these traits. They have a charisma to their personality which attracts everyone towards them and makes them the centre of everyone’s attention. They feel they are superior to all others and that they know it all. They love it that people adore them as it is a booster for them and it makes them work more towards making people like them. With all this being said, there is always need to neutralize a narcissist because if this doesn’t happen, they start flying high. Below are some ways through which this can be done.


1. Disagree with them more often:

A narcissist hates when people don’t share the same opinion as them. They are not used to people saying no to them. So it is a good way to break their ego once in a while by disagreeing with them and not accepting their demands. Let them know that you are also aware of the reality and they are not the only ones with all the wisdom.

Disagree with

2. Show them that you won’t blindly accept whatever they say:

A narcissist loves to show off and overstate. They feel people enjoy their stories so they add some imaginary details to their accounts. To counteract them, you may ask for proof of these fantasies. You can ask them for facts supporting their stories or simply ask questions to elaborate their argument. This way they will understand that you will not just accept whatever they say.

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3. Break their superiority complex:

A narcissist will always feel that they are more talented and well aware than others. They will always try to put you down by demeaning you and showing you that you are worthless. You should not let this happen. Show them your self-worth. Before that understand your self-worth and realize that they don’t always have the upper hand in everything. They may be talented in some fields but they cannot be better than you at everything. You should tell them that you also have some qualities and that no one can excel at everything.

This way their superiority complex will be toned down.

4. Do not be pushed down by a narcissist:

Show that you are not afraid of them. They will only intimidate you more if they know you are affected by what they say or do. Have a carefree attitude and don’t stress over what they will say or do. Their reactions should not be your concern and when you show them that they are not really important then they will fail to coerce you into their demands. This way they will be neutralized as they won’t know how to act around you anymore.

5. Don’t let them get away:

Narcissists will always try to get out of any situation by changing the subject. When they realize that they are getting trapped in their own exaggerated stories, they will try to get out of it by diverting everyone’s attention to something else. They know that they cannot prove themselves right if asked so they will start a new topic or try to slip out of a situation by making excuses. You should not let them get out of it. Trap them in their own web and make them answer your questions. This way they won’t be able to maneuver you or anyone else.

One should be trained enough to face a narcissist and not be treated badly at the hands of one. You should be prepared to neutralize them at all costs.

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