These 18 Lovely Pictures Melted our Hearts!

Life is cruel sometimes. However, people can be very sensitive and that is when they do things out of their way and capacity for others. They feel very strongly for mankind. That is where love comes in. Love and sayings show some amazing pictures that confirm that love and affection do exist in the world.

A disabled person wasn’t able to get a haircut because of the wheel chair. To help him get one, the hairdresser approached him on the road and cut his hair.

© Joe Cocozza / Facebook

A statue as a tribute to this super hero who rescued two kids from pit bulls and gave his life.

© Jepalaudsadsin / Imgur © Wikipedia

Small cancer survivors created this footwear for soccer players to use in their next game.

© New York Red Bulls / Facebook © Tackle Kids Cancer / Facebook
A lady brought the traffic to a halt in order to let a group of capybaras pass on, in a town in Brazil.
© jensmcatanho / Reddit
A heartwarming message on the entrance of a shop in Ireland.
© oragul / Pikabu
A loyal friend and a pet, rescuing other loyal friends by giving his blood.
© spechfh2 / Reddit
A life partner helping his love with her nails because she is expecting.
© Inga Bugaeva
This little girl has a disease that prevents her from talking, walking and living a normal life. When her infant brother fell in the pool she let out a loud cry to let everyone know. She was honored for saving her brother.
© Office of the Mayor ‏ / Twitter
Someone cut their fence to make space for the tree to grow.
A couple of policemen were on duty when they saw a boy with an injured foot and without any shoes on. They provided first aid and gave the needy boy a pair of shoes.
© Tukwila Police Department / Facebook
A sick boy and injured dog became friends as both are introverts.
© Haatchi / Facebook
An instructor and a student were discussing how the unprivileged students could not manage to buy books and food, while travelling in a plane. Other passengers overheard and made the contribution.
© Kimber Bermudez / Facebook
Tony Alsum rescues animals in places which are struck by catastrophe. He moves around in an old school bus renovated according to his needs
© Tony Alsup / Facebook © Tony Alsup / Facebook
My predecessors have spent almost 80 years together.
© bamahr / Reddit
On an off day, the instructors decked up the toilet doors with encouraging phrases for their students.
© Warren Middle School Forney ISD / Facebook © Warren Middle School Forney ISD / Facebook
UN assembly worker became the first woman to bring her baby to work. Her name is Jacinda Arden.
© Muhammad Lila / Twitter
Our wedding was a memorable one! My life partner tried to pick me up in the ocean and we ended up falling in the sea! Later we had fast food in wet clothes.
© Miiiiinx / Reddit
A long time ago I gifted a peach tree to my lover and told her that one day we will have this in our home. My dream came true and our son is now eating peaches from that same tree.
© rhysoneill / Reddit

Preview Picture credit Inga Bugaeva

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