7 Signs to Spot a Relationship Is Dead

When you hear someone telling you to let go a relationship is not so easy to digest because it is easier said than to start packing your bags on someone’s command. Partners do invest a lot in a relationship to nurture it and take care of it like their own child. However, when it starts to giving you more pain and hurt your feelings instead of comforting you than you have to think about taking a difficult decision.

You can spot signs in your relationship when it starts to stop functioning as it has been earlier. Those signs can tell you a relationship is decaying and does not worth anymore to hold on to.

The following will give you pain while you spot them in your relationship but in the end if you see all the signs are present than you have to end your relationship with your partner; not only for your sake but for your partner’s as well.

1. Your partner doesn’t accept you anymore as you are.

The beginning glorious days of a romantic relationship or marriage subside all the inferiorities between partners. However, after a while, getting comfortable with each other, you get to know more about your partner and reveal in their personality those traits that are not unacceptable to you. People, who accept the other person in a relationship with an open mind and heart do not have problems with someone’s obsessions or imperfections. But, not everyone feels that way.

You or your partner is getting irritated with each other’s choices can never bridge the gap between two people. Hence, this becomes the warning sign for the deterioration of your relationship.

2. Your partner doesn’t support you during tough times.

A relationship will not survive long when your partner is willing to be at your side in your accomplishments but you can’t see them anywhere near when it’s hard time on you. Your relationship will see many ups and downs but your partner is going to be your true soulmate when they stay at your side in thick or thin.

3. Your partner fails to meet your emotional needs.

Only physical presence can’t fulfill the needs of a relationship, emotional needs are as important as physical ones. From the start of your relationship, if you have been feeling the same lonely feeling, and your partner isn’t available to you ever, to comfort you when you are stressed, to relax you when you are irritated, to sooth your irritated nerves, then that means that you two have never shared an emotional bond. There is no future of your relationship.

4. Your partner is not on the same level as you.

Often, people are different in a relationship but they find something in common that would bind them together and encourage to lead a life with each other.
However, if you experience constantly that you two can’t sail the same boat or stay on the same page on the matters of life then you have to think about the future of your relationship.

5. You have this unabated feeling of living a one-sided relationship.

A relationship seems to be on the verge of collapse when both partners fail to put equal efforts and only one of them is giving everything and the other one is failing to meet half way.

6. Your partner has trust issues.

If insecurities are the only things common in your relationship then it’s futile to put in more efforts to keep the relationship.

Trust makes the foundation of a relationship strong and absence of this factor will only make your life miserable with your partner.

7. Your differences are beyond the point of resolve.

Your relationship is long dead when you two are not willing to sort out your differences anymore.

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