9 Reasons Men Lose Interest and Break up Even Though You’re great

Life could take unexpected and unpredictable turn when you are least expecting from it. It could also happen in your relationship. Everything seems to go smoothly but then, all of a sudden, your man loses interest and breaks up with you even though all is perfect.

Do you have to watch out for red flags?

Perspective changes the game when you presume things look perfectly normal. While you are unaware things in your relationship may go unnoticed or overlooked by you therefore you couldn’t foresight that your man could be planning to walk out on you.

men lose interest

Has he booked a dinner date for you in your favorite restaurant? You might have thought of it as a regular date but there could be something he wanted to let you know, a clue before the storm. Know some possible reasons for him to lose interest:

1. Bad timing

There are more important things in his life than love and that could be the reason he is not continuing at this point of time. Falling in love with him now is the bad timing to think about relationship when he is standing on the edge of getting a sound financial life. He will not be able to balance love and work together.

2. You don’t need to be his dependent at all

Self-reliance is incredible but there are few things that men would want to do for their beloved and you shouldn’t be acting independent at all. Independence also gives an impression that he has no worth in your life.

3. Coldness to his friends and family

Your indifference might have put him off and he is planning to take a time out of this relationship. It will not take him long to think that if you couldn’t be nice to his friends then how could you possibly accept his family.

4. His emotional involvement with past relationship is still intact

He is time-jumping between his past love relationship and a new one with you. He is still carrying emotional baggage from his previous failed relationship and it is getting difficult to carry on with you even if you are a great partner.

5. He is not financially stable

Relationship might even sound a luxury and only those with financial stability can afford it. He knows that you have many expectations from him and all these can be settled if he is financially strong.

6. He is struggling with serious life challenges

His affiliation to you has put other things under the lid but now he can’t bottle up all of it and he has to give attention to other significant matters in life before he could settle down with you.

7. He disregard your family

He doesn’t want to make it difficult for you to choose between him and your family therefore he wants to leave you. He doesn’t like your family norms and he knows that you can’t live without them. He is making a big decision.

8. You both look up to different goals and dreams

Partners should have a coordinated life to handle things easily and that involves goals and dreams too. How could you possibly stay together when he wants to live in another state while you love it here? Nothing seems to be aligned and he would rather cut things short.

9. He is getting away so you could get better

He has few quirks and you are the best thing that has happened to him but he feels like he is not deserving of such a great girl.

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