5 reasons living together before marriage will ruin relationship

It’s mainstream, everyone’s doing it, everyone is accepting it, and what would be inauspicious living together or cohabitating before marriage. According to some there are fallouts involve living together before marriage. Two sets of people are willing to argue on the negatives and positives of cohabitating before making commitment.

First set believes that there is no harm in staying together as it may help you to understand and know everything about each other while the other set believes that it may not work out and may actually ruin your relationship. You may be on the either side but there are important factors to bring into consideration before you give your verdict.

Everyone’s doing it, what’s the harm?

Live-in relationship has gained acceptance in popular culture which makes it more attractive for young people. What would be a big deal to spend each and every moment with the one you love? According to facts an average duration marriage in today’s time is 6-7 years but when we see our parents and grandparents, we could realize that they have spent decades together and still loving each other after marriage. The point is, don’t do cohabitating before marriage just for the sake of trend or everyone is doing it. Your love will not diminish if you two stay in separate homes.

How will you get to know about a person without living with them?

Even living together for half a century will not provide you all the information about your beloved. First, figure out what things matter the most to you. Is it religion, financial setup, character, or lifestyle? The clarity of your thoughts will have a clear impact on your relationship. If you want to know about someone, your dating period would be enough to give your precise direction about your relationship. Sometimes, not knowing all and saving for later will be good to let the flames on.

Cohabitating for long time will make things complicated

Suppose you have been living together for a while now and you decide that this is not the right person to marry, it will be difficult for you to leave instantly. You have invested so much time and energy into the relationship and the breakup would be bitter. It’s better to not complicate things by becoming co-dependent and it will save you from the hassle of separating, too.

Cohabitating leads you astray

While, you will admit on living together but the time you spend together will make you concentrate on not so good aspects than the things that brought you together. Peeves of daily living are more apparent on you and annoyances will leave you with nothing but to split your ways from your partner.

Cohabitating is non-committal 

A marriage relationship binds you for lifelong but live-in relationships are the choices you can easily alternate on with the other. Marriage will commit you with a household and will steer you to find solutions to stay with your beloved while cohabitating is non-committal; you can move out whenever you don’t feel like staying together.

Cohabitating is a kind of experiment before marriage to check the compatibility of two people under one roof. It also becomes hard to separate ways when children involve, partners don’t get affected by separation but kids do.

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