8 Cool Nicknames Every Girl Wants Her Man to Give Her

Nicknames. Some people think these as the stupidest thing ever while others love this cheesiness in their relationship. But, you would be shocked at how difficult it can be to pick a nickname for your partner can be. For couples who uses them, nicknames are special because this is something between them only. This show a part of their love which nobody can understand. For them nicknames are unique and cool.

But what makes a good nickname? To find an answer we did a survey with 15 girls and they told us these 4 things.

  1. It should be unique and should a personal touch
  2. It could on a real name or something different
  3. It could be a literal term of endearment
  4. It should not be overused like ‘babe’

So, boys, if you don’t want to be a typical boyfriend stay away from ‘babe’ think of something cool. And if you can’t then have a scroll down, there are some creative nicknames that might help you to think.

KitKat -Katrina R.

Who does not love chocolates? Everybody does and so do I. I love KitKats. So, my boyfriend decided to call me KitKat or maybe because he thinks I am the sweetest thing ever in his life. And coincidentally, I am named Katrina.

Lizzie -Elizabeth D.

Lizzie, that’s what my husband calls me, and I love it. Honestly speaking, at first, I hated it because it was annoying, but then I started liking it because it’s something between him and me only. My friends usually call me Beth, but my husband wanted to be special so Lizzie it is.

Girlfriend -Michelle S.

It’s very common, I know, but it’s better than a babe and it’s our thing. I call him boyfriend and he calls me girlfriend. I don’t want him to call me babe, I don’t like it at all. And I just hope this boyfriend-girlfriend soon changes into husband-wife. *fingers crossed*

Cutie -Marie B.

My partner has been calling me cutie for 5 years and telling you the truth, it still gives me butterflies whenever he says it. After all, everybody loves to know how cute they are. It’s just given me a different feeling whenever he calls me his little cutie pie.

Honey -Kate V.

He calls me honey. It might be typical, but not for me. One day my boyfriend started calling me honey and I realized how good I feel when he calls me this. And after that honey remains with us forever.

Kitten -Rose L.

I love cats, but my husband hates them. He is more of a dog person. But he loves me so much that he is living and tolerating 3 cats that we have in our house. He calls me kitten because he is obsessed with me as much I am with cats. That’s cute.

Frizzy -Alia S.

My ex-boyfriend used to call me frizzy. This nickname has a special place in my heart because this name changes the way I used to think about myself. I have frizzy hair and I considered this as my flaw, but when my ex-boyfriend started calling me frizzy with such love I started to love my flaw.

Babyschka -Maria K.

I am Russian, so I wanted my boyfriend to come up with some Russian fusion into his nickname for me. And he chose babyschka and I simply loved. It’s unique and it’s different from typical babe.

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