7 Signs You Are in a Relationship with Someone Who Respects You Truly

Successful relationships have two strong pillars: love and respect; absence of any pillar would tumble down the whole building. You have to work on both and make them strengths of your relationship. Relationships when only built on love are egotistical and self-serving, without respect your partner would never recognize you as a human being who’s not dependent on them. You are in a relationship with someone who respects you and is trying every effort to ensure you are happy in this relationship. The following signs will help you to understand the importance of respect present in a relationship and in your partner:

1. Your partner has never been bossy

Partners should not be overstepping each other’s role rather there should be acceptance of and protection given to one another. You feel you have a partner who never controls your decision, your friends’ list, or your social interaction, you have a partner who respects your independence, is also a self-sufficient human being and who is not overbearing.

2. Your partner respects your NO

A good, respecting partner will know your choices regarding certain things and will do everything possible to avoid it. If you are uncomfortable with things and your partner doesn’t put pressure on you then your partner respects your choices and is easy-going with your No.

3. Your partner is honest with you no matter the circumstances

A good partner will always be honest to you and will make sure to give you a great deal of comfort. You will have an honest critic in your partner who will tell you frankly if something’s wrong and that shows they respect your intelligence and ability to make decisions. This will ensure that your partner is determined to navigate positive energy in your relationship.

4. Your partner listens to you carefully

Often, partners fight on a conversation because they fail to listen to each other’s perspectives. One of the partners will try to elude argument by presenting his/her view without listening to other’s complete version. Do you feel your partner listen and engage more with you? If so, then you are lucky you have a person who respects your thoughts and opinions.

5. Your partner is proud of your achievements

A respectful partner will support the achievement of goals you set for yourself – physically, emotionally, professionally, academically, etc. You will be amazed seeing your partner talking about your achievements to their friends and that’s a sign of a respectful special person in your life.

6. Your partner is invested in your relationship

Your respectable SO will always be near to your heart even if he/she is sitting hundreds of miles away. There will be no chance that your calls are not returned or your messages are not replied if they are really invested in your relationship. You know your partner is someone who respects you and who is reliable enough to come for your help whenever you need them.

7.You partner will never fight on ego

It is recommended by psychologists that fighting in a relationship is a sign of growth and a way of knowing the emotional capacity of each other. Fight would erupt between you two but the better way to resolve it is listening to the arguments on both sides. It will not be fair that only one side will announce verdict. There should not be abuse or physical violence involved to foster a productive argument.

A researcher sums up respect as an understanding that the other person is not you, not a reflection of you, not your toy, not your product rather your task is to identify the other person as a unique individual in a relationship.

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