You’re Lucky That She Does These 10 Things without Being Asked

The chase will be worth it if she does these 10 things without being

asked by you, don’t take her for granted.

A girl of substance and having a strong character is a rare gem to find in today’s world. She is the one who will love you unconditionally but will also not compromise on her rules and rights in life. Her compassion exudes from all facets of her personality but she will not tolerate your dishonesty with her or with your relationship. You will have her support and find her steadfast in difficult times but lack of trust and respect will tip her off in no time. She has a strong will to keep going even if the storm tumbles her down; she will rise again and will carve her own path to achieve her goals. She does the following things that make her one of the kind:

1. Her intentions for you are real and honest

She’s interested in you genuinely and she is honest about her intentions. You will not find her pretending or to put you in peril to prove her love.

2. She knows how to plan things even if not asked

She knows you inside out and has an accurate sense to know when you want a change of mood. She is not afraid of taking decisions or making plans for both of you. She has no problem telling you about her likes and preferences.

3. She is ambitious and independent

She is not the one to put you on leash and will not let you control her life too. She is an independent woman and has her own ambitions. She is not just your girlfriend, she has other roles in life and she loves all of them.

4. She is being respectful to you and your relationship

You have never found her belittling you in any situation. She always shows utmost respect to you and this is what every guy wishes for from a girl.

5. She is not with you for your money

As mentioned earlier, she is independent and gets things done on her own. Her demands are not extravagant or lavish. She has a sound financial background and is self-reliant.

6. She is a problem solver

She is not juvenile in her acts and can defend herself during compromising situations. She never runs away from her problems or hides behind you when she cannot face a problem, she is a problem solver.

7. She encourages you at every step

You know she is the one who will always stand by your side and will support your dreams to become reality. She believes in your life goals completely.

8. She listens well to you

She is no less than your best fries who is always available to listen to your worries, anxiety, or sometimes bashing, too.

9. She never speaks out about your shortcomings to others

She knows the way to maintain the sanctity of your relationship. Even if you are not around she will tell anyone about your faults and shortcomings in front of you and in public.

10. She doesn’t carry emotional baggage

In the beginning, she has spoken to you about her past relationships and breakups because she wants to live without any emotional baggage by exes.

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