8 Reasons She Will Dump You for Someone Else

That’s great if you are one of the few men on the planet who are sufficiently fortunate to have handled a quality young lady that you’re good with. Everything is by all accounts going great and you’re cheerful. There is a feeling of solidness, security, and consistency in your relationship and you wouldn’t need anything to change for the occasion.

But then all of a sudden did she decide to leave or dump you? And it was totally unexpected for you?

While relationships can possibly be awesome, but you still need to think what your girl actually feel. It might happen that you have no problems, but your girlfriend doesn’t feel the same. Which may result in sudden exit. Women don’t take any decision very quickly, they will try anything for their relationship to work out, but if they have decided to dump you and leave then it must be something big.

So, just to avoid these sudden exits we have reasons why girls dump guys that you must be aware of.

1. You are very moody.

You spread negativity through your mood wherever you go. Keep in mind that not everybody is attached to negative vitality. So, if you are always being negative around her, this will annoy her, and you can’t expect her to stay for long.

2. You lie to her too much and she knows it.

Lying, dishonesty has no place in any relationship. Don’t ever break the trust of your partner. It’s very painful. Yet you frequently lie to your girl and hurt her then for sure she will dump you.

3. You are reserved sort of person.

Open yourself, live in the moment. Enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t be so reserved and serious. Being childish sometimes help to release tensions in a relationship.

4. You are boring.

You don’t try to really bring some flavor into the relationship. You are okay with your boring and usual schedule. Nobody ever likes to be boring thus don’t be shocked at the event that she dumps you for the possibility of a happening life.

5. You don’t listen to her.

Communication and listening is important for a relationship. If you don’t listen to her or don’t even put efforts to understand her when she needs you the most, when she wants to lighten her burden then you are of no use, she is over you.

6. Criticism.

To show how much you love your partner, you need to appreciate and praise her. If you criticize her at every step or degrade her then she will feel suffocated with you. Criticism every time, destroys a relationship.

7. You don’t share.

If you simply decline to open up to her, at that point you are basically revealing to her that you don’t believe her enough to really enable yourself to be helpless against her. She will wind up feeling like she doesn’t make a difference much to you since you just won’t let her into your reality.

8. You don’t spend enough time with her.

Spending quality time with each is the best thing. If you don’t give her the time that she deserves, and she keeps on waiting for you, then don’t be shocked if she is looking for someone else.

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