Super Model Emily Ratajkowski Supports Amber Heard and Says, “In Today’s World It Is Scarier to Be a Woman”

Since that time when the legal battle between Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp had started people only criticized Heard and called her a manipulative bitter ex. On the other hand, Depp got so much support from people.

From the start till the end of the trial the Aquaman actress only faced backlash from the public and the fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor heavily criticized her for her dramatic behavior not only but also started petitions to replace Heard in her upcoming Hollywood film and ban her forever from Hollywood. The fans are way too far to teach her a lesson.

While everyone is busy criticizing Heard some people still seem to support her and don’t feel hesitate while speaking in her favor.

The supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, is one of them she also came out in support of Aquaman actress and called out Johnny Depp.

“It’s 2022, and it’s getting even SCARIER to be a woman. It was the captain of her video.

She dropped a video over the weekend on her TikTok account – “My Body’ author Ratajkowski lip syncs the words: “I’m not scared of lions, tigers, and bears, but I’m scared of…’”

“Roe v. Wade getting overturned, Harvey getting an appeal, Shia’s Redemption Tour, the way y’all dragged Amber and the precedent that court case set.”

After her six-second TikTok, a video went viral on social media many fans and followers applauded her to open up in favor of the 36-year-old Rum Diary actress.

“The Amber part, yes! This trial sent us back 500 years,” someone said.

“Thank you for not being scared to stand by Amber #justiceforamberheard,” another TikToker penned.

“Emphasis on the Amber part. [It was] scary how much people wanted to prove a woman wrong.” A third one wrote.

According to the VT, after the end of Heard’s trial, this supermodel is not the only one who showed her support for Heard but some public figures also came forward in favor of her.

One of Heard’s friends comedian Kathy Griffin badly bashed Depp and said that Depp was the problem in his relationship with Amber Heard. The Fashion Police actress stated that “she trusts her friend Heard completely”.

“These Johnny Depp stans that are talking about this trial, and yet they refuse to show pictures of what he looks like now, which is a big orange fat bloated boozebag,” told Griffin.

She further added that mostly the middle-aged men who have patriarchal mindsets are the supporters of the Pirates star and according to her they all are problematic persons.

“The whole thing of how he had, like, his digital warriors outside. It’s… this is a middle-aged man. This is pathetic.”

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Sources: VT – TikTok

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