Russian Woman Sued McDonald’s Because Their Ads Increased Her Craving For Cheeseburger

Nowadays everyone needs advertisement to sell their products because it is a crucial part of marketing. By advertisement the customer get the knowledge about the product, their benefits and and it is worth buying or not. No matter which kind of product you have a car, a pair of shoes, a house advertisement is necessary for everything. It is usually done by different media types using suitable methods and techniques.

Woman Sued McDonald’s

A Russian woman sued McDonald’s for their advertisement. According to her their advertisement was so irresistible and made her crave for that food. It does not seem authentic to sue a company for their advertisement but anyhow she did it because of her own reasons.

Russian Woman Sued McDonald’s Because Their Ads

During the period of lent Catholics are expected to sacrifice the eating of meat, fish, eggs and dairy. The lady named Ksenia Ovchinnikova is also a practicing Orthodox Catholic. Lent started from Monday and lasts for 46 days. There is not any kind of cheat meal for the observers so they also have to avoid McDonald’s juicy burger during this time period which is not easy thing to do.

Ovchinnikova had been successfully fasting for the past 16 years but in April 2019, her eyes dropped on an advertisement for McDonald’s where they were promoting their best chicken burgers and nuggets.

The delectable looking add made too much effect on Ovchinnikova and she couldn’t resist their hunger to eat cheese burger from McDonalds after seeing their advertisemmt, although she was an observing lent for a month at that time but she couldn’t stop herself to buy a cheeseburger from MacDonald’s.

Ovchinnikova elaborated, “When I saw an advertising banner—I could not help myself.”

After breaking her lent, she felt guilty so she turned their guilt into blame. Rather than accepting her mistake she started to blame McDonald’s and their eye catchy advertisement for her actions. Not only she criticized and blamed the fast-food chain but also sued them for a thousand rubles-equal to $14.

She stated, “In the actions of McDonald’s, I see a violation of the consumer protection law. I ask the court to investigate and, if a violation has taken place, to oblige McDonald’s LLC to compensate me for moral damage in the amount of one thousand rubles.”

However, the date of hearing has yet to be set by the court.

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Source: NewsWeek & NYPost

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