Kelsey Grammer Said He Will Not Apologize for His Faith as Jesus Made A Big Change in His Life

Allen Kelsey said that he will not apologize for his faith ever.

Recently, in one of his interviews, Kelsey, who is popularly known for the role he played as physiatrist Dr. Fraiser Crane on the NBC sitcom, Cheers and Fraiser, talked about his faith and described how it helped him when he was having difficult times in his life.

Talking to the USA Today, the 68-year-old actor told that Jesus helped him in his difficult times and it has made an enormous change in his life.

“I’ve had hiccups. I’ve had some tragic times. I have wrestled with those and worked my way through them.”

Kelsey Grammer Said

“Sometimes rejecting faith, sometimes rejecting God even, in a period of being pretty angry about it,” he further added. “Like, “Where were you?” That kind of thing. But I have come to terms with it and have found great peace in my faith and in Jesus.”

Kelsey also revealed that, “It’s not cavalier – Jesus made a difference in my life. That’s not anything I will apologize for.”

According to the Jesus Revolution star, he and his wife saw their lives changing for the better and it only happened because of their strong faith in God.

“It’s really uplifting. It’s a good movie. My wife and I saw it together. She was just dissolved in tears and said, “It’s the best thing you’ve ever done.’”

Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey’s recent film named Jesus Revolution is a faith-based comedy-drama, featuring a youth minister and his encounter with Kelsey’s character as Pastor Chuck Smith, who helps him to spread the Christian movement in their society.

The 1960s and the 1970s era could be seen in the film.

As per the Daily Mail, “Despite being described as ‘bland’ and a ‘slog’ by some reviewers the movie has proved a hit with American audiences, with a UK release date yet to be announced.”

“It’s been reported analysts had believed the Liongate release to earn between $6M and $7M during it’s first weekend, only to smash all expectations.” 

first weekend

His feelings about faith is almost similar to the sentiments of Mark Wahlberg as he recently opened up about his faith and said that it is not so popular in Hollywood.

In his recent interview on the Today Show, the ted star spoke about his faith and how it made him disciplined.

“That discipline has afforded me so many other things,” he shared.

“I want to share that with people. So whether that’s with fasting, working out more, detaching from other things, and just spending more time with God in prayer or in thoughtful reflection and those things are important.”

He was also seen wearing an Ash cross on his forehead marking Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent as per the Christian calendar

Talking to the host Savannah Guthrie, he said that, “[Faith] is everything, it’s afforded me so many things. God didn’t come to save the saints. He came to save the sinners…We want to be better versions of ourselves, and through focusing my faith, it’s allowed me to do that. “

Wahlberg also told that it is just about the balancing perfectly between one’s faith and professionalism.

deny my faith

“I don’t want to jam it down anybody’s throat, but I do not deny my faith,” he also said. “That’s an even bigger sin. You know, it’s not popular in my industry, but, you know, I cannot deny my faith. It’s important for me to share that with people. I have friends from all walks of life and all different types of faiths and religions, so you know, it’s important to respect and honor them as well.”

Mark also added that even though many people do not care about their faith and religion as it is not popular in the entertainment industry, however, he cannot deny his faith and religion.

“You know, it’s not popular in my industry, but I cannot deny my faith. It’s important for me to share that with people. But, I have friends from all walks of life and all different types of faiths and religions, so it’s important to respect and honor them as well.”

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