Woman Labeled as ‘Bad Mom’ whose son Got Dress Coded as he Wore a Donut Shirt his mom bought him to School

Many social media users on the internet called out a woman by labeling her as a ‘bad mom’ after her son got dress coded as he wore a donut t-shirt in school.

A TikToker named Stacy posted a video of her son, where he was explaining that he had to end up in the dean’s office because he wore an inappropriate t-shirt.

According to Stacy, she was not aware of innuendo about donuts and hand patterns while purchasing the t-shirt for his son on Christmas.

Got Dress Coded as he Wore a Donut Shirt

In the viral video, her son could be seen explaining the whole scene saying that his friends and teachers were giving him weird looks throughout at school, and then he was called to come to dean’s office and then she called his shirt hilarious.

“So I went to school with my donut shirt that you got me for Christmas,” he said. “When I was sitting in my dean’s office, she barely saw my shirt and said, ‘oh I like your shirt.’ So then I brought it up and said people are looking at my shirt, like giving all the weird looks and everything.”

When he asked his dean, “So, do you like my shirt,” 

To which she replied,

“yeah, it’s just donuts.”

But an administrator at school asked him to “get the f*** out,” and after the confrontation by other deans, they instantly got the innuendo and said,” Ohhhhh, two in the pink, one in the stench!”

mom bought him to School

The little boy shared the whole story on a funny note, and the intention of her mother behind posting this video on the social media platform was same, as that t-shirt was not a big issue.

The video clip went viral and received almost 2 million views on the TikTok, many parents criticized the mother on the comments section, and said it was all her mistake as she should not have bought the shirt for her son.

@itsjustdonuts_w_mom #dresscode #teenagers #donuts ♬ original sound – Stacy

“Ok, funny shirt to some, but a mom allowing her son to wear it to school shows questionable parenting,” someone commented.

“Why would you let him wear that shirt to school?” another one added.

“Bad parenting,” a third comment read.

“Why would you buy that shirt for your son and how could you say its not that serious or you didn’t know what it meant, lol,” someone wrote.

know what it meant

On the other hand, many people enjoyed the video clip by saying it was not a serious issue.

“This is awesome, my 16-year-old would love it,” one mother commented.

“Best shirt, I need one,” another wrote.

“I didn’t get it, till he said it,” a third joked.

“That’s hilarious and obviously the staff at the school has a sense of humor. People really need to calm down. It’s not that serious,” someone else said.

“It’s literally not that bad, people need to chill. Why make everything so serious lol,” another comment read.

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