‘I Found My Wife Cheating on Me with My Father – Now They Two Are Expecting Twins’

A funeral worker named Declan Fuller claimed that his wife cheated on him with his father and they both ran off together after being caught red-handed by him.

Declan who lives in Rhondda in South Wales caught his wife, Stephanie, and his 44-year-old dad named Darren having sex together and revealed that they both frequently used to spend time together in his room.

When Declan saw them on a baby monitor he confronted his wife and asked her what was going on,

To which she replied, “we Were watching The Simpsons on TV.”

The Simpsons on TV

“It’s like a plot from EastEnders. It’s not normal,” he shared with The Sun“If I didn’t have a sensible head on my shoulders he would be six foot under now.”

On the other hand, Stephanie refused all the cheating claims by saying that she never did anything wrong and said to the outlet, “I did not cheat on Declan. We got together a week or so after he left me.”

Now Declan’s father and wife, Stephanie are living six miles away from him, near Pontypridd, and also going to become the parents of twins.

According to Declan

Declan said he first started feeling suspicious after his divorced dad decided to move in with him and his wife Stephanie and their 2-year-old baby girl, Willow, in September 2022.

He also revealed that he saw two of them cheating on him while he was checking the baby monitor at work, and focused on his father’s bedroom door where he saw Stephanie and his father going into the room together.

 “It’s sick — how could my father do that to me?” he said. “I feel betrayed but I’m better off without the two of them,”

After listening to Stephanie’s absurd justification, Declan didn’t believe that his wife and dad were just watching TV together in his dad’s room and he decided to dump Stephanie. After some days, his wife came to him and revealed that she and his dad are expecting twins together.

Stephanie and Darren’s children would be considered as Declan’s half-brother or sister and their daughter, Willow’s brother or sister, as they will become her aunt and uncle also. Declan’s dad, Darren who never said anything about this situation is Willow’s grandfather yet but he will become her stepfather if he would marry to her mother, Stephanie.

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