How to be The Favorite of Your Man

How to be The Favorite of Your Man

Are You Sure That He IS The Men, You Ever Dreamed For? And now confused on how to make him attracted towards you? If I am correct, then you are at right place because here I am going to discuss the 5 psychological proven tricks that will help you to get a man close to you. Just read on and decide how you are going to make his mind:

  1. Develop Your Standards And Self-Identity:

Ease with own self is the key to get self-identity, it is important for a women to feel comfy with her identity i.e. from where she is, what is she now and where she is going to be. Having this type of attitude encourage her to have a clear idea about her wishes, goals, and limitations. In short it makes her a real woman that is a proud woman has are not having any embarrassment about her identity (wherever she comes from), that she is not going to make compromises reading her standards.

  1. Try To Avoid Too Much Gestures:

Body language matters a lot, as it is the thing that is going to shape his thinking. So you know where to remain motionless and where to gesture more as gestures plays a very important role to attract a man towards you. Moreover, make him feel that you are giving him your undivided attention by facing your body towards him.

  1. Let Him to Be A Man

Psychologists say, men love it when they are given to play their masculine role rather than trying to suppress their identity. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot say anything bit it means you should make them feel that they are free to take decisions and you may suggest them in their affairs. Your attitude may force him to think something special about you.

  1. Smell Good:

Your perfume, no doubt another thing to make you unforgettable, moreover it is enough to make a man crazy about you. Because the girls who smell bad may turn off a man by their body odor. Make it your that you are smelling pleasant, however keep your breath as much fresh as your body is, because girls with bad breath are avoided by man.

  1. Have a strong eye contact with him

Eye contact yet another thing to keep a man attracted towards you, but pairing it with a smile give incredible results. As it seems that you are giving him a silent message and expressing your feeling that cannot be expressed in words. And this increases your success rate up to 65%.

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