Do’s And Don’ts of How to Heal after Being Cheated On: A Guide to Moving Forward

Being cheated on is the worst thing that one could imagine happening to them. You let your guard down to the man you love, you have faith in the relationship and you become so used to the fact that your partner is going to be by your side forever. Things start getting serious between the two of you. You start believing that he is devoted to you. However your dreams are crushed when you realize it was him who cheated on you, who broke your trust and was disloyal all this time.

There is a storm of emotions inside you. You feel crushed. You heart is broken into pieces and you have no idea how to mend it. You feel embarrassed that you have been fooled by the one person you expected to be faithful.

There is chaos inside you and you want to calm the thunder but you are helpless. The one person you thought would put you on a pedestal pushed you off of it. He showed you your importance in his life. You are extremely unhappy. The depression has completely taken over you.

It is very important that you mend yourself now. Not everyone is same and not everyone goes through the same stages of getting better. Peoples have different ways to heal. Some get over it quickly while others take ages. However some tips are given below as to what should not be done through the process.

1. Best revenge is moving on:

Pay back gets you nowhere. It will cause more damage to your mind and soul. Have a bigger heart and let go.

2. It’s not the end of the world:

Your life hasn’t stopped because of a minor inconvenience. Don’t break down and put an end to it. Pick yourself up and move forward.

3. Chin up and win:

You can only win the battle when you show it didn’t affect you. Of course it is hard and you have suffered but show the world that you respect yourself enough to not let this wound you.

4. Keep it between yourselves:

Make sure no one else gets in the middle of this fight. Whatever happened was between you and your partner, others don’t deserve to get hurt because of you.

5. Listen to yourself:

Take your time through it. Everyone will put in their two cents but let them know you will heal whenever and however you would like.

6. Forgive but don’t forget:

Let them off the hook but never forget. Learn from your past for future relationships but do not let the hurt keep lying above your head.

7. Patch up is not an option:

You can never trust them again so don’t make an effort to get back together with them. You are wrong if you think you can work past this.

8. Get help:

The idea of couple’s therapy is a taboo but there is nothing wrong if you want to save your relationship or if you want to know what went wrong. Visit an expert for your peace of mind.

9. Take care of yourself:

Put yourself first and be mentally healthy otherwise you’ll sink in depression

10. Don’t hurry to get better:

You will get yourself back together at your own time and pace so don’t rush through it.

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