You May Win Her but Not Her Heart- You May Lose a Girl Who Loves You

Everything is present but love…

Love is not a mere option but an epicenter of a relationship. Willingness of your girl who loves you more than anyone or anything in the entire universe should be a priority in your life. However not feeling the same kind of willingness may fill her heart with emptiness. You may lose her love when she cannot feel that she is worthy of being a priority in your life.

She always tries to touch subtle nuances of a romantic relationship with her mild and intimate gestures but nonetheless, discouragement is her destiny. Her emotions unsolicited in your presence make holes in her heart and the pain she carries is unheard.

She gives you every right to read all chapters of her life despite the fact that she is not given the same chance over your life but still, she meets with suspicion and judgments from you. You are bringing her to a point where a girl who loves you with devotion is backing away from giving more of her.

For the sake of relationship, she is giving you another chance so you can realize her place in your life but in spite of acknowledging her feelings you’re diminishing her sense of self-worth.

Now, after the insecurities that you’ve put her through she has no more confidence left to sustain your relationship. Nonetheless, you two are together but she is incomplete and alone.

If you would have appreciated her sacrifices then she could think of being committed to you but she always met with absolutely no gratitude for her efforts.

Your lies, betrayal, and breach of trust shred away every bit of her soul and leaving her with no fondness towards you and your relationship. You can’t claim any right over her life when you’re just trying to fool her.

How can she be sure about her future when she doesn’t feel safe with you?

You never make her realized that you are committed to her and her presence brings stability in your life.

Despite, you give her all the reasons to dwell on that she is unwelcomed around you. She shows her willingness to be dependent on you but you don’t seem to make her feel safe to do so. Every time you break her heart she gives you a chance to make up for your unfair behavior but you don’t seem to be interested.

Your manipulation breaks her heart and abuse is unsettling her. This humiliation is unbearable and she gets it well that she is taken for granted.

So, she wants to break all the chains interlinked with you because you are a disappointment that she can no longer survive with, a desperate decision that gave her lesson not to hand over the strings of her life in someone’s hands again.

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