8 Habits are not acceptable In a Relationship and It’s Better for You to Just Break up with Him

Life is short, do not overcomplicate things for yourself.

Self-care should not be the last thing on your priority list when you get into a relationship. You may devote a large part of your time and effort for the love of your life but peace of your mind and satisfaction that you are living with the right person needs to come first in your relationship. If you think your boyfriend doesn’t fulfill the benchmark of your expectations then you have every right to just break up with him.

Make things simple for yourself in order to enjoy every minute of your life.

You can’t throw yourself to a relationship that fails to deliver satisfaction to your heart and mind.

Imperfections are acceptable but bad habits that will destroy you and your relationship will not be acceptable. You are not a terrible person so you don’t deserve a terrible boyfriend. If your partner has the following habits then you should consider other options and just break up with him.

1. He is still using dating apps actively.

He is not serious for your relationship therefore, he hasn’t deactivated his accounts on those dating apps.

2. He has other things above you in his life.

When you should be his first priority but still, he has other important things except you in his life to invest his time and effort to.

3. He is lacking direction in his life.

He is not seeing things with a mature approach about his life or the future of your relationship. He is not sure about his direction or plans to take his life seriously then, how can you expect him to get serious about you?

4. He is a heavy spender.

Someone who is reckless in spending money can’t ensure stable financial future. He is not ready to understand that money is vital for the longevity of a relationship.

5. He is not sure on his commitment to you.

He is not ready to make commitment means he is not sure about you, yet.

6. He gives no value to your time.

A relationship is going to run smoothly when both partners are ready to give value to each other’s time and efforts. If any one of them thinks that he/she is more important than the other one then it will increase the distance between both of them.

7. He behaves as if he owns you.

You are definitely not an object for him so he can treat you as if he owns you. He should be giving you equal respect and space as he is expecting from you.

8. His addiction to drugs or alcohol will ruin your life.

Unless, he is willing to transform his life and get away from drugs and alcohol, only then you can ensure that he will change his habits. But if he is not willing to understand the effects of addiction to drugs or alcohol then it’s your time to walk away from the relationship because soon he will destroy your life, too.

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