8 Things Mean That You Are Lucky He Genuinely Cares About You

1. He makes sure that you don’t have to wait for his calls and text messages for long.

Anxiety builds up when someone you love and care for doesn’t reply to your text messages or return missed calls. He knows it better therefore, he makes sure that you don’t have to wait for long to hear from him. He is responsible and values your time.

2. He grabs every chance to plan a date with you and his excitement is shown in the arrangements.

When you love someone genuinely then you make every bit of an effort to make sure that all the available time is spent with the one you love. No one can does it better than him to plan arrangements for an exciting date.

3. He is willing to prove his emotion through concrete actions.

What better way to know of your lover’s emotions than to take signs from his actions. He loves you genuinely and it can be proved when his emotions pour into his actions.

4. He doesn’t pass his judgment on your feelings and emotions.

If that is the case then he is willing to listen to your side and thoughts because he really values your opinion and disagreeing to what is in your heart will make you hurt and he doesn’t want to dismiss your emotion.

5. He will let it be known to the world that he genuinely cares about you.

His seriousness for the relationship can be seen in the way when he proudly introduces you to the people he is familiar with. His excitement for you can be judged on his true expression when he tells the world that he has found his genuine love in you and he doesn’t need anyone else ever.

6. He doesn’t butt his nose in your business but when you need him you are sure he is by your side.

He needs only one signal of yours to step in but have never been the one who puts his foot to every situation that you could handle yourself. He has full trust in your abilities but would never hesitate for a second to help you if you ask him to.

7. He is not short-sighted on your flaws and imperfections.

He has never acted insecure of your imperfections because he gives respect to each and every aspect of your personality. The best part of his personality is that he has never shared the wish to change you a little bit because he has fallen for you as you are and there is no change that he thinks would require in your personality.

8. He is clear on his priorities in life and your relationship comes on top.

No force can unwind the bond that you two share because he is ready to put your relationship on his top priority and everything else comes second in his life.

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