Sam Smith Celebrated Conquering Body Dysmorphia Amid Backlash on His Recent Controversial Music Video

The four-time Grammy award and one Oscar winner name Samuel Frederick Smith, popularly known as Sam Smith is a talented English singer and songwriter.

Sam first gained popularity in the year 2012, when he was featured in Disclosure’s breakthrough single, Latch.

They have done so many famous songs including Stay With Me, Too Good At Goodbyes, Dancing With A Stranger, Unholy, Fire On Fire, Like I Can, and I’m Not The Only One.

Their journey has been quite difficult as they had to struggle a lot with their self-identity and self-acceptance. But now they have conquered body dysmorphia as they finally started feeling comfortable in their skin.

In the year 2014, after coming out as gay the singer revealed that they were in a relationship with a man. However, their relationship didn’t go longer and ended on a horrifying note while Sam was left heartbroken.

Their breakup made them write one of his hit songs, Stay With Me, which became them a Grammy award winner.

While giving their acceptance speech they said, “I want to thank the man who this record is about, who I fell in love with last year. Thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me 4 Grammys!” 

In 2017, after going through a lot of struggle and self-reflection, the musician finally decided to identify themselves as queer and said that they started to feel as much like a woman as they were a man.

The singer told to The Sunday Times, “I don’t know what the title would be, but I feel just as much a woman as I am a man. ” 

Speaking about how much they love heels they said they had too much heels at home.

However, the musician got in to trouble after the release of his recent music video for their song named, I’m Not Here to Make Friends.

After watching their video netizens slammed Sam and said that their video is extremely inappropriate for children and adults.

According to the Daily Mail“appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, journalist Alex Phillips said the music video was ‘unhealthy’ for society, adding that the video equated to ‘extreme hardcore pornography’ in parts.”

She said to the show presenters, “You have had to edit a lot of that video down to be able to show it on television.” 

The singer sat and spoke to The Sunday Times, where he revealed that they finally conquered their body dysmorphia after dealing with it for so many years.

“Within my industry, there is definitely that question of, ‘What should a pop star look like?’”

They also admitted that they never fit the norm and said, “When I was 25 I came off tour exhausted. I looked to role models in the body world. Every time I went to the pool I felt self-conscious, but I forced myself to take my top off.”

“It paid off because I now have the opposite of body dysmorphia. I look fabulous. I’m finally getting a tan. I’m burnt in places I’ve never been burnt.”

While talking about online trolls, criticism, and negative comments from people, they said that these things don’t bother them anymore and their every new album makes them closer to their real identity.

“I get closer to who I am with each album, and my new album was inspired by the feminine spirit in me.”

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