6 Signs Can Make You Sure That He’s being Unfaithful

Broken trust and unfaithful partner are two things no one would ever want to have in a relationship. You are serious about each and every vow that you’ve made at the time of marriage but he must not have committed to any of his vows and that would be clearly seen in the way he is acting with you. Lately, you start to feel that he is being unfaithful but not sure how to confront him because his behavior doesn’t check out with the story he tries to convince you with.

His activities have been suspicious from quite a long time but you are keeping everything in silence and trying ever since that he will realize your place in the relationship. Alas! You can’t see this happening and he’s making numerous excuses to hide his infidel doings. These are the signs that have put you to think that he’s being unfaithful:

1. You don’t trust his actions or words.

One time lie is understandable but a trail of lies can give you a strong signal that he is making up stories to hide his untrusted intentions. In a relationship where partners don’t trust each other can’t stay intact for a long time.

2. He gets irritated when you touch his phone or computer.

If this is a latest development in your relationship then he wants to hide his tracks the best way he can. A person doesn’t bother whether his partner uses his mobile or not when there is nothing to hide but in a situation otherwise, he could behave protective of his gadgets.

3. His stories don’t match the real details.

You can sense from inconsistency of his details that his stories don’t match the real details. His hesitation is enough proof of his contradictions.

4. He is at work most of the time.

An abrupt change in the work schedule can be the sign that he is spending most of his time with his mistresses. When he is definitely not doing overtime at work then he is involved with someone else for sure. He’s cheating on you and being unfaithful but try to garner you with stories to excuse himself of any suspicions.

5. He never lose a single chance to make you feel bad.

He’s deeply guilty of his infidelity therefore, he makes you feel the most terrible person in his life. In reality, you are not doing anything to make his life miserable but he wants to level out the playing field because he is on mistake and he doesn’t want you to know about it.

6. He will accuse you for jeopardizing the relationship.

He is a smart cheater and knows very well how to turn the tables whenever you confront him about his infidelity. He would build up an argument with you and make you think that you are crazy and irrational as he is caught red-handed so he would also drag you into mud. If he feels bad then he would want the same for you.

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