5 Red Flags or Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Women

From medical point of view, a heart attack is the major cause of death for many people in the world. Despite the dangerous growing rate of heart attacks many of us can still not guess when it starts to happening which is dangerous because we don’t do anything to prevent it. We cannot afford to be blindsided by a heart attack therefore, it’s better to know about the changes in our bodies. We need to keep a check of our health condition on a daily basis. We need to take vigilant care of our body and can’t stay complacent considering that we don’t get sick therefore, everything is fine. Family history is important to take a note of when you need to make sure that there is nothing that can relate to a serious heart condition.

We usually think that a heart attack strikes without warning but our body starts to give us warning signs way before time. We don’t notice much earlier but there are red flags our body is going to be exhibiting and we neglect to bring them into account. We just ignore what is relevant to a potential heart disease or a heart attack signal. The sooner you will start noticing all the symptoms the quicker you will be avoiding harmful elements to protect your body. It’s better to equip with the knowledge of all the symptoms of a heart attack and especially for women who neglect their health more than men.

These are not difficult terms that you can’t comprehend with. You can easily understand these red flags and especially when you are a woman then you need to read this article further because symptoms of a heart attack can manifest themselves differently in both men and women. What you are required to do is to take corrective actions if you find out the following red flags in your life:

1. Incessant pain in neck, jaw, back, and arm.

Commonly, chest pain is associated with the possibility of a heart attack however, if you have jarring pain in neck, jaw, back, and arm then it might be best to consult your doctor to avoid further harm to your body.

2. Constant pressure on stomach and stomach sickness.

Constant pressure around abdominal regions and a feeling akin to a heavy object resting on top of your upper body could indicate a potential reason for a heart attack. Women might confuse this condition with food poisoning, flu, or serious heartburn but in either case you have to consult your doctor.

3. Consistent cold sweats.

Cold Sweat is a common symptom often caused by elevated levels of stress in the body can be associated with heart attacks in women. Don’t ignore when you monitor cold sweating profusely.

4. Troubled breathing and dizziness.

Troubled breathing is one of the major symptoms that may indicate that you have some serious problem in your heart. You should know that heart is the organ that pumps oxygen to the rest of your body and when there is uneven breathing and a feeling that you are doing heavy physical activities without even moving then something is definitely wrong in your body.

5. Increased weariness and fatigue.

When circulatory and respiratory systems are compromised and your body is not getting enough oxygen then you may expose to a potential heart attack risk. You will feel fatigue all the time and don’t have much vitality anymore. In this case, get your appointment from the doctor as soon as possible.

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