10 Signs Your Relationship Is A Sinking Ship And You Need To Walk Away

1. You need to walk away because you never get the feeling of appreciation from your partner.

You don’t need the feeling of validation every minute to ensure your sense of self-worth but appreciation every now and then would make you feel valued in a relationship.

2. Your partner is incapable of resolving arguments and you are emotionally stressed.

Arguments or conflicts arise so that partners would see beyond and fix the issues for the betterment of their relationship in future. But recurrence of arguments and unable to resolve conflicts would therefore lead your relationship to doom.

3. Your partner doesn’t care if your personal needs and expectations are being met.

The normal behavior in a relationship is when you convey your expectations, boundaries, and standards to one another without the fear of being rejected. But when your personal needs are not being met then there is a lack of effort on your partner’s part.

4. You keep making promises to change your ways but things always stay the same.

You can’t see your relationship is evolving or getting better because promises are being made to break only.

5. You don’t know the next steps to get back your relationship on the right track.

A couple would think of every possible way to solve their problems when they want to share their life together. When you get hit by substantial speed-bumps and are unable to fix the problems then the relationship is in grave danger.

6. You are the only one investing everything to the relationship but hardly get anything in return.

Healthy dynamics of a relationship depend on the balance. You can’t live in it solo and you should not be the only person investing emotionally or mentally into this entity.

7. You are making compromises for the relationship and your partner doesn’t value it.

Though, compromises are important but the give-and-take should be two-way and not one sided. You are clinging to this relationship by making all the compromises and thinking that you are the only one responsible for the happiness of your relationship which is an unwanted burden you are putting on yourself.

8. You can’t let go of deep-rooted bitterness for your partner and for the relationship.

Sometimes, arguments lead to frustration and you feel annoyed by your partner but it should not grow into resentment or deep-seeded anger for your significant other. In case, when you find yourself developing bitterness and it prevails deeper in your heart but still you are in a relationship with your partner then you are doing unjust to yourself and you need to walk away from it.

9. You can’t reconcile personal and relationship goals well.

Partners seek long-term future together when personal and relationship goals reconcile well. You should be able to envision a future together with your partner otherwise, the relationship is eventually headed to a dead end.

10. Your individual growth stops because of the relationship.

A relationship should never be demanding of you to compromise your sense of individuality and identity rather you should feel motivated and inspired to actually become a better human being overall. When it is the former that you are doing in a relationship then you should think about your value in it.

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